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How to Book with Uniplaces – Step by Step Guide

How to Book with Uniplaces – Step by Step Guide

Looking for a place to call home, but it seems a complicated journey? Are you afraid of it being too difficult and feeling lost in the process? Well, fear no more, because Uniplaces has you covered. Here you can find a step-by-step guide to book with us and find your dream place way easily.

1 – Open the website and start your adventure!

Uniplaces’ Homepage – Where it all starts

Go to Uniplaces and insert the city or neighbourhood where you want to live or the faculty where you’ll study. Also, fill your move-in and move-out dates, so that you only see places that are available when you wish.

Keep in mind that since Uniplaces is a platform for mid to long length stays,  there is a minimum stay of 28 to 31 days depending on the country and a maximum of 3 years.

2 – Once you do it, you’ll find a list of suitable places

List of places with your filters

If you have any other restriction besides the dates, like price range, type of place, type of tenant, etc, you can add that information in the filters next to the dates. You should also think well about what kind of place are you looking for and what’s best for you!

3 – Explore and know more about the apartments by clicking on them!

Uniplaces has a lot of care with the places on the website, so you can check the type of verification the place you chose has. These are the possible types of verifications:

Different types of verification

You can also activate the “show map” option, to get an overview of the area and the opportunities you can find around.

Map with all the houses in the area that fill your criteria

4 – Once you find your perfect place, it’s time to book!

Review all the information and check if the right dates are selected. Then, click on “request” to book the place and, if you haven’t yet, sign up on Uniplaces. If you already have an account, you just have to log in. Otherwise, you can easily create a new account.

It’s time to book the place!

4- After doing it, the page of the booking will show.

First, you’ll have important information regarding the place chosen. After proceeding to check out just fill your personal and payment details and then send your booking request.

Check the information about the place and the amount you will have to pay!
Insert your personal details
Insert your payment details

Attention! If you have an Uniplaces promo code make sure to use it! To do so, check the section on the right that says “Add promo code”.

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5 – The booking request is sent. What happens now?

After you complete your booking request, the landlord has 48 hours to answer. There are some possible outcomes:

  • The landlord can reply with a “no” or simply let the request expire.
  • He/she can also suggest changing the dates. If this happens, you get an e-mail asking if the dates suggested work for you or not. If the new dates are refused the booking gets cancelled. If the new dates are confirmed, it’s moving in time on the date agreed!
  • Or, the best outcome, the landlord confirms the request.

If it is confirmed and you move in, we provide you with a 24-hour safety policy, that is, you have 24 hours to check if everything in the house is as on the listing.

It is on the move-in date that you have to pay the deposit and any other additional fee that may be applied.

All set? Now “Book it, live it.”!

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