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How does booking student accommodation with Uniplaces work?

How does booking student accommodation with Uniplaces work?

Process of booking student accommodation

The blogging team here received an email asking how our booking process works! So we thought: “why not?” and decided to explain it here. So this is it, the official answer to another Frequently Asked Question : 

“How does booking student accommodation with Uniplaces work?”

You’ve searched the platform for an apartment and you found one that matches exactly what you were looking for. Let’s say it’s a student room in an affordable 4-bedroom apartment like this one in Brixton, my favourite neighbourhood in London. You clicked your move-in and move-out date in the boxes under “Duration*” and selected your room under “Rooms*”.

booking student accommodation with uniplaces
Make sure your move-in date is for a day when the room will be available! Each room’s availability is under the room name.

Under rooms, you’ve opened the Payment Terms dropdown right under Rooms. You’ve read all of this and know exactly what you’re going to be paying (in this case it’s a month’s rent in advance which is paid through our website) and then a deposit on check in.

Beneath the payment terms you’ve read the cancellation policy dropdown as well and you understood that the landlord is cool enough to let you cancel with up to two months in advance in case something comes up in the meanwhile.

process of booking student accommodation
“Payment terms” and “Cancellation policy” are dropdown boxes: clicking on them reveals a lot of useful information.

You’ve read the “What you need to pay now” section, which tells you how much of your payment is the booking fee and how much the reservation payment is. Ready to go?

Click the book now button!

uniplaces booking student accommodation
If you filled in your move-in and move-out dates, selected a room and read the payment terms and cancellation policy, you’re ready to book. Just click the Book Now Button!

This takes you to a whole other page where you have to fill in a few personal details. Nothing invasive, it’s the usual: name, email and phone number so we can contact you about your reservation with updates; nationality, gender, date of birth and purpose of stay as this is information your landlord may need.

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info booking student accommodation
Almost there! You’re two steps away from booking your student accommodation. First, fill in your personal information on this page.

Once that’s done, you click Submit & Proceed to payment. The next page is a basic payment page. Once you submit the payment authorisation, we contact your landlord telling them you’ve made the reservation. The landlord then has 48 hours to reply.

Proceed to payment booking student accommodation
There. Now all you have to do is authorize the payment and wait for the landlord to accept your booking!

Once the landlord says yes, we transfer the payment and keep the money until you move in. (To find out why we keep the money, read our earlier blog post: Where does the money go?) We only pay the landlord 48hours after you move in – if you were moved in to the right room and everything’s in order. If you move in and something’s wrong, make sure you contact us immediately so we can find out what we can do to help and, if necessary, interrupt the payment.

So there you go, I hope this helped. Remember that if you have any other questions about the booking process, you can always check “Booking the right student property” on our Help Centre. Or stay tuned to the FAQ section right here on the blog.

Thanks for reading this post! We hope to see you soon, coming back for more.
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