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Hidden Spots in Barcelona Only Locals Know About

Hidden Spots in Barcelona Only Locals Know About

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It takes a lot of curiosity and a good sense of direction to find the special brunch place, the charming little park or the low-cost cinema place in the always touristy Barcelona. Discovering these hidden spots is truly an art that that locals from each city have been granted with, but since life is all about sharing, we thought it would be an idea to let you in on the best unknown locations in the beautiful Barcelona. Put on your walking shoes and get ready to discover the top 5 hidden spots in Barcelona that only locals know about!

1. Phenomena Experience

Film lovers assemble! One of the most unique movie theatres in Barcelona is, surprisingly enough, located near the Sagrada Familia! With just one projection room styled as the classic movie theatres of the past, this cinema will win you over in a heartbeat. The latest releases, the modern classics and the old Hollywood movies, all in their original version, meet in this one-of-a-kind spot. This is truly an offer you can’t refuse…

2. Marmalade

When you walk by Marmalade, nothing from its exterior strikes as special and the normal reaction is to search for another place to have brunch or dinner. It is in that precise moment when you miss the chance of enjoying one of the most chic restaurants in the city. A great selection of burgers, tapas and cocktails are the stars of this hidden gem. The cherry on top is the pool table that they have in the middle of the restaurant.


3. Jardins del Teatre Grec

Who doesn’t enjoy a nice picnic with friends? If you have answered yes in your head, then continue reading. If you were inclined to say no, keep reading anyway because the Jardins del Teatre Grec will make you want to grab a picnic basket and meet all your friends for a Sunday brunch. This charming park is truly a fantastic place to stroll around, to work out or just to chill out, plus it has one of the best views of the city (and it’s free!).

4. Columbus’ Statue viewing point

Not everyone can have a friend like Sherlock Holmes, but if you do, then they will probably find this spot in the blink of an eye. However, the non-detective people that walk down Les Rambles and come across the Colom Monument, do not take the time to stop and focus their attention on the highest point of the statue and think: I’m 100% sure there is a lookout at the top! Well, there is actually one and it has a quite singular view of the city.

5. Holala! Plaza

Living on a low budget can be tricky sometimes (been there, done that, believe me!). Between the apartment cost, the public transport and the daily coffees (yes, they are 100% essential), you have to develop the skill of saving money. The vintage store Holala! Plaza can be your ally in your fight against the fantastic beasts of expensive clothes and accessories. You can’t miss their neon-blue light located in their retro facade.

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Make sure to check out these places! We hope you enjoy them as much as I do and since we only had space for 5 of them, let us know if you need of any others that are worth visiting!

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