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8 Halloween Parties in Europe You’d Be Nuts Not to Attend

8 Halloween Parties in Europe You’d Be Nuts Not to Attend

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If there’s something we can all agree on, is that Halloween is the best! And although it has an American origin, we Europeans take it like it’s ours. Now that you’re a university student, you’re too old to go trick-or-treating in the streets and to end the night terrified by a bad horror movie! This doesn’t mean that now, on Halloween, you have to stay home being a responsible adult. This is time to be creative and pull out your artistic skills to put together the best costume and head to the best Halloween parties. In this list we’ve gathered the best Halloween parties in Europe this year:

1. Amsterdam Halloween Festival, Amsterdam

When: October 31, 8pm to 12 am

If you’ve ever been to Amsterdam, you know the night can turn really crazy in a few minutes. There’s no better time for that than Halloween. This festival is held from October 25 to 31, but the party to remember is the Halloween Helter Skelter Party on the 31st in the famous Hard Rock Cafe! With amazing DJs, food served throughout the night, and face painters creating Halloween looks, all you have to do in this party is be there and have fun!

2. Bloody Sexy Halloween, Prague

When: October 28, 9pm to 6am

If you’re in Prague on Halloween, don’t miss this one! This October 28, Bloody Sexy Halloween is the biggest Halloween event in Czech Republic, with more than 5.000 people attending and with a 20.000 CZK cash prize (almost €800) for the best costume. Put your hands to work, be creative, and don’t be afraid to go to Prague in your pink goat costume. Everyone is welcome!

3. Pumpkin Germany, Oberhausen

When: October 31, doors open at 6pm

If you’re a fan of hardcore music, this party was made for you. Based in Oberhausen in Germany, this event is known to be one of the craziest parties in Europe, with an uninhibited vibe, thousands of people from all over the world, and great music. Put your scary zombie mask and take a train to Germany this October 31!

4. Crazy Sexy Cool Halloween, Rotterdam

When: October 28, 2pm to 11pm

The Netherlands show us again how good they are at celebrating Halloween. This festival just outside Rotterdam has multiple stages for you to enjoy different styles of music, and even chill and try new foods. This party and a Pennywise costume will make your Halloween unforgettable!

5. Halloween Lisbon Festival, Lisbon

When: October 31, 8pm to 7am

On October 31, you have the opportunity to enjoy a full experience with this festival in Lisbon. With amazing decorations, you can dance to underground electronic music and buy some antiques in a flea market. It’s the coolest Halloween party in Portugal — especially because the next day is always a national holiday!

6. Derry Halloween, Derry

When: October 28 to 31

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This town in Northern Ireland lives Halloween like no other, with people in costumes invading the centre of the city and with lots of private parties around! If you’re looking for more than a big music festival for Halloween, this is a good alternative. Check out their whole schedule, put on your witch and wizard costumes, and go there.

7. Halloween Festival, Limoges

Although it’s not that big of a celebration in France, the best place to be in Halloween is certainly Limoges, the town where every shop, restaurant and café lives this day to the fullest. Fairs, parties, contests, a parade with 30.000 people, and lots of other attractions, here you can try some amazing food and drinks and have fun with your friends.

8. Regression Sessions: Halloween, All around England

When: October 28 (London) and 31

If you live in England, you’ve probably already heard about Regression Sessions —thematic parties of electronic music held all around the country. This October 31, there are parties from Brighton to Manchester! Known for their crazy vibe and awesome music, Regression Sessions are back for their Halloween Special. Prepare to have a great night with a lot of surprises and scares!

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