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5 Achievable Resolutions for a Procrastinator

5 Achievable Resolutions for a Procrastinator

New Year, New Me as the saying goes. As New Year comes most of us want to clean their shoes, give themselves new chances and challenges: we make resolutions. Making resolutions can be a wonderful way to set goals, improve and push ourselves to achieve more and be better in the upcoming year. We tend to take a look at the year behind us and we are all ready to sail into the new year with hopes and fresh beginnings.
However, if we look deeply into ourselves, put your hands up high if you ever fulfilled any resolutions and kept them throughout the whole year. No hands? Only a few? In most cases, we give up on our resolutions because the goal is either too high, too undetermined or simply because we like to procrastinate. As a result of this, the already set-up resolutions become a part of our distant memory and we finally end up saying “maybe next year” (which obviously means never or in our next lives).
But what if we have always looked at the wrong side of the cube? In the following guide, we collected the 5 most achievable resolutions for procrastinator that won’t fail in 2019 .

1. Chocolate for precious days of the week

Amongst the most common promises for the new year, we can find losing weight and getting the dreamed body shape. Forget about this and simply swear on pampering yourself with a bar of chocolate at least twice a week: for being brave enough to start the week and finish it (and to make it through). Want some change time to time to keep things beautiful? Choose different flavours, shapes or portions.

2. Cat videos to chill the brain and be less productive

Did you plan to spend less time in front of your computer and do something productive? Before jumping into this wild commitment, let’s just promise it: watch cat videos when your brain really needs some chill time: before studying, after studying, while studying. Just to feel more rewarded for the hard work. In case you are getting bored of cat videos or you have already watched most of them, feel free to change to puppy videos or funny animal shootings.

3. Netflix as a “new” hobby

Planning to take up a new hobby to start the new year in a fresh and productive way? Why not join in the Netflix-universe? You already own a forever-membership of Netflix? No problem. The well-known media-service provider always offers its viewers brand new binge-worthy series that can be both entertaining and educative. Bored of Arrow? Try Explained, Abstract or watch again your favourite episodes from Sherlock.

4. Get new skills from video games

Many people plan to pick up new skills as the new year strikes in. Looking for the best way to do so? Check out the coolest video games to learn the most useful skills. Your original plan was to reduce the amount of time spent on video games and to do more exercise for instance? Well, we all have to bear in mind that playing video games is surely a fascinating way to acquire skills that can be used not only on the battlefield.

5. Check social media to keep pace with family and friends

Keeping in touch with family members and friends is surely not an easy activity (especially if you don’t live home), therefore many of us promise to take care of the doesn’t it? The best way to fulfil your resolution, promise yourself to check your social media (starting from Facebook to Instagram) as often as possible to stay up-to-date with your closest people. Also call mum and dad every now and then, they worry.

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Try the guide with your best flatmates and let us know in the comments below if you have more procrastinator-friendly resolutions. 

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