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Solo Travel: Reasons Why you Should Give it a Shot

Solo Travel: Reasons Why you Should Give it a Shot

Whether it is for fear of doing things on your own, not having anyone to share moments or any other reason, the idea of solo travel is a real challenge for many people. But once you make the first move, you will find out that it can be a very rewarding and enriching experience. Here go 8 amazing things about travelling alone to inspire you giving solo travel a go. But, of course, the best way of knowing is finding out for yourself!

1. Do what you REALLY want to do

This is probably one of the best things about travelling alone. When we are with others, we spend a lot of time trying to find activities that will please everyone, managing the preferences of the group and may even face some conflicts. In a solo trip, everything is up to you. Where to go, what to eat, what time to wake up… it’s your journey, your script, your schedule and there’s no one to worry about other than yourself. And you can change your plans whenever you want.

2. Learn to take responsibility for your decisions

The freedom of being alone can be really striking. But, of course, with great power comes great responsibility. It’s not always easy to manage our own decisions and all the consequences that come along. If you make a bad choice, you are responsible for it and has to learn how to deal with it and move on. So travelling alone is a great way to exercise your maturity and independence.

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3. Making new friends

(if you want, of course)

When we travel with friends, we often end up hanging only with our good old peers. It’s comfortable, I get it. As a solo traveller, we are much more approachable than as a couple or group. And with no travel partner to rely on, we are also more likely to talk to strangers along the journey. Even if you are not looking for human interaction. There is a world of incredible people to meet, be it in a bar, in the area of ​​coexistence of the hostel or asking for information on the street – believe it!

4. It can restore your faith in humanity

Sometimes it is difficult to see, but the truth is that life is not only made of bad news that rolls on the TV and internet. And strangers not always mean danger. Of course, we can’t deny that risks exist and we need to be careful. But the world is also full of kindness, love and people willing to help if we need. Travelling is a great way to realise this.

5. Find out that being alone is not so scary

Travelling is a great exercise to challenge the fear of loneliness and learn to feel well and comfortable in our own company. Besides, we do not always remember to save energy to take care of ourselves and being solo can be a good opportunity to take stock of our lives and dreams. Because often the best company can be yourself. 🙂

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6. Gain confidence in yourself

Solo travel forces us to make decisions and solve issues without the help of other people. Not always things happen as expected, but it’s all part of the baggage of experiences we take from travelling. Once the obstacle is overcome, the conclusion is that you can get by on your own! So travelling alone helps you become more confident and determined. Have you ever got that feeling that you can conquer the world? That’s it.

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7. Find out things about you that you never imagined

Spending time alone leaves you free to better hear your thoughts, inner debates and desires. It’s a great way to pay more attention to yourself and what’s around you. Ever tried walking aimlessly with your headset? You can end the day with great reflections, new discoveries, and maybe even plans for an upcoming trip.

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8. You will need to face your fears

Fear of walking at night in an unknown street? Flying to a destination where you don’t know the language? Of getting lost? To ask strangers for help? I remember how scared I was on the first time I travelled by myself – and sometimes I still am, especially for being a woman. But in the end, venture out into the world on your own will, inevitably, make you face some of your fears and realise that sometimes you have to move on, even with uncertainties and insecurities.


Got inspired? Obviously, any form of exploring the world is always welcome! But I believe, there’s something special about solo travelling. Why not try it? At least once! Let us know your opinion in the comments!

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