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Free Activities to do in London

Free Activities to do in London

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Are you looking to be a Londoner during your stay in the city? On top of that you’re looking for free activities to do in London? This article is exactly what you need to use to guide yourself around. London is depicted as the New York of Europe and the reason being is its electrifying environment no matter what time of the day it is. If you want to stroll around London, you need to bring your comfiest shoes because the stroll will be action-packed! As one of the busiest capitals of Europe, London brings a range of free activities for its guests.

Now without further ado, let’s get into the 5 free activities to do in London!

5 Free Activities to do in London

1. Uncountable Free Museums

The museums with free entry include the British Museum, National Gallery, National History and Science Museum, amongst many others. This is a trip that can be done during one’s leisure time and is so beneficial to gain better knowledge about British History in a very fun way! Most museums will open from 10am and close around 5pm. This will give you enough time to walk from one museum to another as they are situated close to each other.

2. The Gigantic Attractions

London is notoriously known for its outdoor wonders such as the London Eye, Tower Bridge and Big Ben. These wonders can easily be found by River Thames in Central London and they are easily accessible by the famous London Tube (not subway or metro!). In addition to these wonders, you will be able to see the Parliament which stands next to the Big Ben. You can enjoy a stroll past all these wonders at any time of the day, but my suggestion is that you visit them towards the end of the day as you will be able to see the lights of the bars and many other places that shine and brighten your path along River Thames.


3. The Business World

For those interested in skyscrapers and the business world, make sure to pay a visit to the Canary Wharf and the financial territory that is “The City”. In these areas of London, you can find the highest buildings and the most modern business area of London. An absolute dream am I right? If you want to take your adventure amongst skyscrapers a step further visit the infamous 95- story The Shard (using a lift obviously!)

4. The Green Side of London

The next activity is something you can do whenever you want. As it has been said, London can be quite exhilarating, therefore it is a good idea to be surrounded by nature every now and then. Hyde Park is usually sought by many people because it offers an excellent time of relaxation to individuals. You will see many others that enjoy a break from work here or use their free time to work out completely freely. The ability to inhale freshness into your body will bring tremendous happiness to your day.

5. Stroll down Oxford Street

In case you feel that you need to get back to the city, take the quickest route from the north east of the park and you will end up in the busiest Street of London – Oxford Street. Here you will be able to do the greatest window shopping of your life as you will walk past the best brands’ stores and appreciate the beauty of many products through their windows. Further along this area you will be able to also see Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square. Two important places that need to be ticked off your list of free activities in London.

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