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Things you Need to Know Before Moving to Rome

Things you Need to Know Before Moving to Rome

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Right now, you are probably daydreaming about all the pizza, carbonara and cannolis you’ll have once you move to Rome (and rightfully so!), but we must warn you, there is more to know about moving to Rome then how and where to eat pasta! If your bags are already packed, you’re only missing one thing: our top tips to make your moving to The Eternal City a success!

1. Learn your basics of italiano

As a foreign student, you should take the chance of getting to know at least the basics of the language of your Erasmus country. Not only will this make your everyday life easier but also gives you a better chance of connecting with locals – this is especially true if you are moving to Rome! People appreciate when you make an effort to speak the local language – even if you are not a C1 level speaker – some basic expressions like “Ciao”, “Buona Giornata”, “Grazie” and “Prego” are enough to make an impression.


2. Don’t buy bottled water

Take note – this does not imply you should not drink it. It only means that the only thing easier to stumble upon in this amazing city than a church, is a water fountain – if you get a reusable bottle, you not only save money, but you also help the environment! All in all, there’s no need to spend your precious cash on bottled water. Pro advice: in some parts of Rome, tap water has a high level of limestone.

3. Speaking of cash, carry it with you


Don’t carry large amounts of cash with you – and always beware of pickpockets, specially on the metro –  but do try to always have some pocket money with you, since not every establishment will accept you paying by card. If you wish to buy a single bus ticket (or a single metro ticket), chances are, you will have to pay with cash.  

4. Bring your most stylish flat shoes

Rome is not the capital of reliable public transportation. One of the few disadvantages of living in Rome is undoubtedly the unreliability of public transportation, so you you’ll end up getting used to walking to places that aren’t that far away – and everything under 3km becomes “not that far away”. Plus, Roman streets are not so heels-friendly. The best shoe option is definitely flat, but there is no reason to not keep it stylish!  

5. There’s more to life than pizza (not much…. but some!)


We know you’re thinking of all the delicacies that you will eat during your stay in Rome – but we would like to remind you that food isn’t the only gift that Italians gave to the world. You’ll be living in one of the richest cities in terms of art and history, and some museums are free every first Sunday of the month, so there’s no excuse to not visit them all (you can always fit in a pizza slice in between museums).

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We helped you find a place to live, we gave you essential tips, the only thing we (unfortunately) cannot do is move to Rome with you – that, you’ll have to do on your own. Buona fortuna!


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