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How Students Travel in 2017

How Students Travel in 2017

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Midsummer, summer solstice, first day of summer — whatever you want to call it, the best day of the year is officially here! All over the world (or the Northern Hemisphere, at least), travellers are packing their bags for their next summer adventure. It’s always an amazing experience to travel, especially with friends, but at times it can also be tricky.

Uniplaces recently ran a survey with over 2500 students from the UK, Portugal, Spain, Italy and France to understand how students like to travel, their pet peeves, and what their main reason to wander off is.

Discovering new cultures

Without a doubt, the big majority of students (more than 60%), choose to travel to discover new cultures. The other two main reasons are escaping routine and a way to find themselves, especially chosen by Italian and Spanish students.

You’re likely to run into Italian solo travellers

Naturally, more than half of students prefer to travel with friends, followed by their boyfriend/girlfriend. A considerable number of students (15%) prefer to travel alone, especially Italian students.

Self-funding students

The majority of students cover their holiday expenses by themselves through summer or regular jobs, and their own savings. Brits have another clever way of funding their holidays by using their student loans (we won’t tell anyone).

But first, let me take a selfie

Over 90% of students take their smartphone with them, which proves just how essential it is nowadays, slowly starting to grow into a third hand. Portuguese students, however, are very keen on taking a DSLR camera — which certainly ups their Instagram game. British students are the most avid Kindle readers to keep up with their summer reading, while French students are the most willing to travel tech-free.

Mamma’s boys

You can take the student away from their mamma, but you can’t take their mamma away from them. Southern European students are the most likely to call home every day when they’re away — especially the Portuguese (51%). The Brits and French, on the other hand, are less likely to call their maman regularly.

Crunchy grasshopper, anyone?

The holidays are the perfect time to go out of your comfort zone. Remember — what happens in (insert city) stays in (insert city).

While only around 2% of students aren’t open to new experiences, most prefer to use this opportunity to eat weird foods, experience extreme sports, and hook up with people from different countries — especially Italians, Europe’s sexiest nationality — even though more than half (55%) admitted never to have had a summer fling. French students are the most likely to get a tattoo/piercing while away (24%).

Tight budgets

Accommodation and food, the bittersweet essentials, are what students spend on the most when travelling, alongside cultural activities. Overall, the majority of students spends less than 30 euros a day, especially the Portuguese and the Spanish.

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Call off the hashtags

Hands down, the worst type of personality to travel with is the one who disrespects local culture. And while a smartphone is essential, the second worst type of personality students hate is the one who constantly updates their social media status. Finishing off the top three is the one who never compromises with what to do during a trip.

Furthermore, if you’re a lover of early nights, it’s best not to travel with Portuguese students, the least likely to travel with people who don’t party enough. If you’re an obsessive planner, it’s also best to stay away from French students who are more care-free and don’t like to travel with planners.

No money, no problem

While students are young and have their whole life ahead of them to discover the world, money is still a problem. If it weren’t for money, however, students’ top destinations would be Australia, New Zealand, Thailand and USA.

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What type of traveller would you never want to travel with? Let us know in the comments. And remember: if you’re looking for student accommodation in Europe, you’ll find the perfect student home on Uniplaces.

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