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Perks about Dating Someone from Another Country

Perks about Dating Someone from Another Country

So far, we at Uniplaces have tried to prepare you for most aspects of moving abroad – we’ve covered tips for saving money, cultural aspects that you should know beforehand, important bureaucracies, impressive spots for taking pictures and making everyone back home jealous and, most importantly, we helped you find your new home. The only thing we haven’t prepared you for is the chance of meeting a special someone away from home.
Since it’s Valentine’s season and we’re feeling romantic, here’s why you shouldn’t be afraid of dating someone from another country.

It’s stimulating

Meeting someone that makes your palms sweaty, knees weak (and hopefully cooks you mum’s special dish) is always exciting and fun. But meeting someone that gives you all of the above and, on top of that, introduces you to a different language, culture, background, gastronomy, history, and so on, is an opportunity to both teach and learn by sharing things that, although basic to you, are excitingly new for the other. You will never run out of new things to learn and discuss about.

It’s challenging

Dating is rarely easy. It requires commitment, adaptation, fancy dinners and a surprising consumption of phone battery. But when your date is from a different country, it’s fair to say it’s a little bit harder. Adding to typical worries, there’s the increased fear of being apart, of distance. There is the inconvenience of sometimes having no idea how to say a word in English, and stopping conversations to check Google Translate. There are the voices in your head (and sometimes out of it) reminding you that the higher you climb the harder you fall. We’re here to tell you that the higher you climb, also the more beautiful the sight is and the most rewarding it feels, especially if you reach the top together.

It’s enriching

There are two barriers you’ll have to learn to transpose: distance and language. Say you’re having a family lunch and need to overcome the language barrier to ask for some more food – you either become a pro in mimic or get to the end of lunch hungry. But this will keep you motivated to learn the other person’s mother tongue, and you’ll find it much easier to learn when surrounded by locals rather than just Duolingo. This will be important for your personal life, can be an asset for your professional life, and overall it’s always a benefit to have. Plus, you get to swear in that new language without anyone back home understanding. Distance, on the other hand, may not be as easy to cope with. But whether you’re only distant during special occasions or keeping a long-distance relationship, one thing is for sure, you need to grow to handle it. You’ll be forced to learn trust, to understand the other person’s space, and also to understand your own. Set aside the commitment issues, the Instagram-pictures-comments monitoring. If you do, you’ll become a richer person.

You will always have a place to stay when visiting each other’s countries

Forgive us for the sudden practicality, but this article was on the verge of becoming a Nicholas Sparks short story, so… think of the money you’ll save on Airbnb’s and all the home-cooked meals you’ll get! It’ll be great!

We hope this has helped you in dealing with any fears you might be having and ultimately leads you to work up the courage to ask your Valentine out for a date (this is valid even if she/he is from the same country as you, no excuses!).

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