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The Coolest Themed Cafés in Europe

The Coolest Themed Cafés in Europe

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All university students need coffee; that’s just a fact. And if we get to drink said coffee in a cool place, that just makes it even better — and not just because we can post about it on Instagram. So what are the places that give you the best experience and the higher number of likes? Themed cafés, of course! Check out our list and make sure to grab a cup of coffee in some of the coolest places in Europe.

Café Neko, Vienna, Austria

If you love cats, this one is for you! One of the few cat cafés around the world, here you can have your coffee while playing with the kittens that are scattered throughout Café Neko. If you can’t go to the one in Vienna, there are others in Spain and France, for example.

Look Mum No Hands, London, UK

This café in Shoreditch isn’t just a café; it’s a full experience! Besides drinking your coffee, you can attend a variety of workshops, from bicycle maintenance to knitting. They also organise speed dating events, book launches and bike races. If you have a passion for both coffee and bikes, it’s the perfect spot!  

28 Café, Lisbon, Portugal

This small café in Lisbon is perfect for vintage and history lovers. Go to 28 Café if you want to drink a cup of coffee or even have a snack inside a replica of the most (in)famous Lisbon tram, number 28. No bumpy rides here!

Bar Luce, Milan, Italy

If you’re a movie lover, you’ve probably heard of Wes Anderson, the director of The Grand Budapest Hotel. If you’re a fan, you’ll be happy to know that this café in Milan was designed by him in the typical Milanese style with a few twists, like the amazing vintage gaming machines! Bar Luce is a great place to travel through time and feel like an old movie star preparing to shoot the next blockbuster.

HR Giger Museum Bar, Gruyères, Switzerland

We bet you never thought about having a cup of coffee surrounded by — or sitting on — skeletons. H.R. Giger was a Swiss painter known for his Oscar-winning design work on the movie Alien. His work is now honoured in two themed bars in Switzerland. The setting recalls the Biblical tale of Jonah and the whale, but the bar somehow seems like a peephole into the dystopian future of humankind. Creepy, sure, but cool.

Cereal Lovers, Madrid, Spain

Cereal cafés are nothing new, but Cereal Lovers in Madrid, the first of its kind in Spain, must be one of the nicest ones in the world. It’s a very small space located inside the Antón Martín Market, not far from the El Retiro Park. There are more than 150 different Spanish and international cereal brands, and you can combine them with 25 different drinks and more than 60 toppings. The combinations are crunchy and endless!

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Walter’s Coffee Roastery, Istanbul, Turkey

Breaking Bad fans, this is heaven for you! Although technically not on the European side of Istanbul, this amazing café is prepared to the smallest detail to pay homage to the amazing TV show. The giant periodic table on the wall is the main attraction, but the mugs with chemistry-related warnings will delight you and fill your Instagram Stories. It’s the perfect spot to recap the last seasons while drinking homemade coffee with the Heisenberg mark all around.

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