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The 5 Coolest Outdoor Cinemas in Europe

The 5 Coolest Outdoor Cinemas in Europe

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On summer days like these, the best solution to beat the boredom is to get a seat in the nearest cinema, watch a scary movie, a funny rom-com, or get serious with a fascinating documentary. But, at the same time, you don’t want to spend a warm evening locked at home like every other night of the year. We’ve gathered a much needed list of unforgettable outdoor cinemas in Europe and where to find them.

1. Rooftop Film Club — London, Great Britain

At Rooftop Film Club you’re invited to watch old classics and recent blockbusters on the big screen in an actual rooftop in London. For each session you’re provided with a pair of wireless headphones (you won’t be bothered by others’ chitchat!) and a comfy deckchair. The best part is, you have plenty of movies to choose from until the end of September, such as latest musical success La La Land, oldie but goodie Casablanca, and the epic classic The GodfatherThere are four different venues to choose from — Bussey Building, Queen of Hoxton, Roof East, and The Roof Gardens.

Prices start at £15.


2. Amante Movie Night — Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza doesn’t necessarily need to be all about partying and getting tanned. Amante Movie Nights is an outdoor cinema by the beach where you get to lie on top of soft beanbags and get cosy while watching a wide range of cool movies. The beautiful scenario of the beach with a view of the palm trees and the ocean is completed by the restaurant staff providing a glass of cava and unlimited popcorn, forming a lovely atmosphere for a great cinema night.

Each session is €30.

3. Film Festival — Locarno, Switzerland

Locarno, in the south of Switzerland, is a tiny town of only 15,000 inhabitants, but holds one of the world’s largest outdoor cinemas every few days in August. Imagine taking a seat on Piazza Grande with 8,000 other moviegoers and enjoying an Italian movie. The perfect plan for a summer evening!

Prices start at €15 for the daytime movies.

4. Cinema Gran Reno — Bologna, Italy

Until the end of August, Shopville Gran Reno hosts an outdoor film festival in a great environment. You can see a big variety playing on this big screen, from Italian classics, such as Tutto Quello Che Vuoi; to international blockbusters, like The Beauty and the Beast or Guardians of the Galaxy 2; and animation movies, like Boss Baby.

Each session is €6.

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5. Cine Kamari — Santorini, Greece

Located just outside the town beautiful town of Santorini, Cine Kamari aims to preserve the Greek theatre tradition of outdoor plays. The outdoor cinema offers a chill environment to watch a movie. Lie back on a deckchair and enjoy one of the fantastic cocktails served here — all under the stars in a beautiful garden. Besides the movie nights, this place also hosts various cultural events, including theatre plays and concerts.

Each session is €8. 

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