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Why you should join our awesome, super cool communities

Why you should join our awesome, super cool communities

Communities: the difference between living in a city and living a city

When you move abroad, whether it’s as full-time, Erasmus or exchange students, to work or even just because you want to, you might not know much about the city that you’re going to.

Before you go

 – you spend countless hours on the internet searching for photos, interesting places to see, the best neighbourhoods to live in, how the transportation system works; you download all the travel apps you can find just to make sure you don’t get lost and end up on the other side of the world; you ask all your friends that have been there already for advice and to tell you every place they went to! And on top of all that, you may even buy a travel guide to help you on the first few days.

But none of this prepares you for the real thing. Nothing seems to sooth the butterflies in your stomach when you find yourself thinking “what the hell am I doing?!” You can’t even begin to imagine how you’re going to survive in the new city.

And this is not even the worst thing! You can always manage with the information you gathered from your friends and from the internet. There are even apps that can make the process of exploring and discovering the city much easier than a few years ago!

And then you get there

The worst thing is that dreadful first day at school when you don’t know anyone; when you don’t know who the cool kids are nor where to sit at lunch (high school much?). We know that lots of people move abroad alone, mostly because they want to go to a new place, have a fresh start or just to prove that there is nothing holding you back.

So we want to make it easier for you to make new friends. We think that our communities will be the perfect place for that! You get to meet new people coming to the same city as you, that may even go to the same university as you. You can share your fears and excitements with them, you can help each other.

We only have one rule: No boring, uninteresting posts.

Uniplaces communities

These communities are secret exclusive groups for those of you who book their student accommodation through us. This might be in studios, residences, apartments, flatshares or homes! The moment you make your reservation, we’ll send you an invitation to your city’s community: currently we have a London community and a Lisbon community, but soon we’ll have many more!

We want to give you valuable advice, we want to help you get settled in your new home and in your new city! We want to give you top tips for you to experience the city to its fullest.

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And we want you to share your stories, to participate as well. Most of all, we want The Uniplaces Community to be a place where you can tell everyone about your student experiences living the city. Tell us all your funny stories, the most random situations you got yourself into while you are here!

We’ll also be there for you every time you need us and every time you have questions. If you find some really fascinating place to go but have absolutely no idea how to get there, we’ll help you. If you have some free time to spare, we’ll happily give you a bunch of ideas (believe me, we have tons of them. Free time… not so much!).

And, as we want to thank you for trusting us with something as important as your student accommodation, we will get some super cool exclusive deals, discounts and offers just for you. Stay tuned!

Thanks for reading this post! We hope to see you soon, coming back for more.
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