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What is the Fuss about Christmas Markets?

What is the Fuss about Christmas Markets?

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December is here and with it comes not only Santa Claus but also the famous Christmas markets. Have you ever heard of them? It is a German tradition, and it has been spreading through Europe. Here are all you should know about it and how to make the best of it.

1. You can find the best local gifts

Do you still have doubts about what to give for that special someone on Christmas Eve? Or are you wondering what your mum would like to get from Santa? The Christmas markets never fail in ideas for you to surprise people on December 24th. It is the best place to find cute gifts crafted by locals which make them even more special and unique. That way you can step up your gift game and help the local economy at the same time.

2. Christmas Traditions

Christmas markets are the best place to get to know the local traditions, especially if you’re living in a new country. Most of them have carol concerts, dancing shows with characters, really tall Christmas trees with all sorts of lights and ice skating rinks for you to practice your skiing and have lots of fun. You will be amazed by how different and beautiful each country’s Christmas traditions can be!

3. Christmas Food

Do you like discovering new flavours and foods? Well, if you don’t, I am pretty sure the Christmas markets are here to change your mind! There is nothing like a good Christmas food to make us feel warm inside, right? You will have a great variety of local food to taste like different flavours of biscuits and fruit cakes. You will likely find something you have never tasted before and if you give it a go it might become part of your holiday traditions too!

4. It is a great place to meet friends

It is finally December and you need a break, right? Christmas markets are a great place to meet your friends and have a get-together. It has a nice and cosy atmosphere, you can find different kinds of food and drinks, and there are places to sit and relax all of this while surrounded by the Christmas spirit. Also, these markets only happen during the holiday season, so why not make the most of it?

5. A place where Christmas comes to life

Are you feeling like Christmas is not here yet? Or maybe you are away from your family and needs to feel the holiday spirit on your own for the first time? Don’t worry, all the Christmas markets got your back! Where else could you feel so in sync with this season? Put your coat on and go find a holiday market to rediscover Christmas this year. Alone or with friends, it is always the best place to feel that Santa is really coming to town.

Don’t waste your chance to get to know this fantastic European tradition! Embrace your Christmas spirit and visit as many as markets you can. Share with us what is your favourite Christmas markets!

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