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Christmas for Erasmus students: a letter to Santa Claus from an Erasmus Lisbon student

Christmas for Erasmus students: a letter to Santa Claus from an Erasmus Lisbon student

Erasmus Lisbon student Santa

Dear Santa,

I’ve been doing my Erasmus Lisbon for nearly six months now and will be going home for the holidays tomorrow.

This means that for two weeks I will be able to spend time with all the friends that haven’t visited me (but they all said they would), and with the family that did visit me (right in the week I had that massive house party planned for). It also means that I’ll have to find a way to pack Christmas gifts from Portugal for everybody, finding a way to make it all fit within the RyanAir luggage allowance.

Now, you know I haven’t been a perfect Erasmus student when I was here. But I like to think I was pretty good. For example:

  • I did study hard those two afternoons and I promise I’ll study a lot harder in January. With my Facebook turned off – and no youtube either.
  • I learned quite a few words in Portuguese. I know ‘por favor’ and ‘obrigado’. I know some words I wouldn’t really write here but it’s not my fault! All the locals want to teach me is swear words…
  • I tried all of the local food: the pastel de nata and the bacalhau are nearly as great as the locals say.
  • I also tried the Portuguese drinks! Port and favaios and SuperBock. I also tried a lot of other drinks, drinks from all around the world. We call that intercultural exchange.

So I would like to ask you for a few gifts.

Could you please make time stretch during the next two weeks? I want to be sure I catch up with everybody that I haven’t seen for the last half-year. I want to be able to fit all the dinner parties, all the late-night drinks and all the conversations into the next ten days and I don’t think I can do it without some of your help.

Could you give me the strength not to go crazy about all the home cooked food while I’m here, too? I’m not the kind of guy who really cares about this, but I’ve been living on Pizza, burguers and beer for the last 3 months and let’s just say things are getting out of hand. On that note, a free Gym Pass would be great. Gyms are ridiculously expensive in Lisbon and I could do with the exercise.

Alternatively, you could always give me a six-pack. Of beer. Super Bock, please. I’ve been drinking this stuff every day since school started and I’m not sure I can live without it when I go back home.

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And the last thing I’d like to ask of you is for a ride on that magical sleigh. Seriously, now, I can’t fit all of my Christmas presents under 10 kg and I know they don’t charge you any for extra luggage. I don’t want to pay as much for extra luggage as I did for the presents and I’m starting to think that buying that leg of smoked ham wasn’t the best of ideas.

Please, Mr Santa man? I’ll be a really good boy next year.  And I’ll give you cookies, too: I’ll bring hungarian cookies from the local pastry, just for you. (Have you tried these? They’re awesome!)

I promise!

All the best,
Eric SperlichErasmus Lisbon student

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