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Best and Worst Things About Going Home for the Holidays

Best and Worst Things About Going Home for the Holidays

The countdown to Christmas has started and soon you’ll be packing up your room, saying goodbye to your new uni mates and heading home to the parents.

There’s no denying that going home for the holidays, leaving behind your university life (even for just a few weeks) can be devastating, but there many glorious things about it too.

Let’s explore some of the ups and downs…

Best – Reuniting with your beloved family dog or cat


No one will ever love you as much as the Fluffy, the family dog. He almost knocks you over with excitement as you are dragging your bags through the front door.

The cat? The cat hasn’t even realised that you’ve been gone!

Worst – Having your every movement watched.


“Where are you going?”

“What time are you going to be back?”

“Who are you going out with?”

“Should I save your dinner?”

SO many questions.

Best – Actual food in the fridge.


No students buy olives. Especially not stuffed ones in chilli oil. Oh, and, a cheese SELECTION, how I’ve missed you!

Remember a fridge with more than just two loose eggs, a half an onion and a jar of mayo in it?

If not, welcome home buddy!

Worst – Family drama


How is Mum still mad about something that happened 5 years ago? And 3 drinks in, Auntie is ranting again…

Best – Mummy and Daddy have a whole booze CABINET.


No more hoarding party leftovers or drinking lager and blackcurrant.

Your parents have eight different whiskys, two jugs of Baileys and half a litre of Chambord (for some reason).

What do they even do with all this stuff?

Worst – Cleaning your room


Apparently it’s not cool that your room at your parents house is in the same state as your uni room.

Chores, so many chores.

Best – Proper laundry. The smell of it.


Two words: fabric softener.

Why can’t my clothes always be this soft?

Thanks Mum. You’re the best.

Worst – You’re no longer an adult


You could be on the third year of your PhD but it doesn’t matter, you’re still to be treated like a child.

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It’s hard not to revert to being one under such pressure.

Worst – Trying to be quiet coming back into the house


How are they SO good at hearing EVERYTHING.

Coming home drunk at 4am and being greeted by your angry Mum, who you’ve woken up by the way, instantly kills your buzz.

Best – Back to home cooking


Nothing beats your gran’s homemade pasta sauce or your mum’s Sunday roast.

There are some dishes that will always remind you of home.

Live the high life for a while. Eat all the foods.

Worst – No more lie ins


Why do I even need to be up at 8am when its my holiday time? I don’t even have lectures.

Best – Seeing your home friends again


There’s nothing quite like hanging out with your mates from home. You haven’t seen each other since summer, and it’s as magic as you remember. Best friends forever.

For real, going home for Christmas is a mixed bag of emotions.

What things make you go crazy when you are back at home? What things do you appreciate more than ever now that you’re a student?

Leave us a comment below with your opinions. Remember if you are searching for a student room or flat or other cities in Europe, Uniplaces are here to help.

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