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Best Urban Art Spots in Valencia

Best Urban Art Spots in Valencia

If you walk around the streets of Valencia, you’ll probably notice something: it’s filled with subtle and impressive urban art spots! This way of expression has become a new way of vindicating some old abandoned buildings and the walls in some streets, most of them located in the old town of Valencia. Fun fact is that some of the authors of these urban masterpieces are, indeed, recognized artists.

1. El Carmen

The area of El Carmen, Valencia’s old town, is packed with urban art spots. The best way to enjoy the artwork is strolling around its streets, discovering vintage and unique stores, and enjoying a cheap beer in a typical bar.

In the heart of Valencia, an artist called Blu, created two masterpieces: a car falling down from a rooftop and a portrait of Moises, whose beards are made out of snakes. Photo by Ainhoa Canales.

In one of the main streets of this neighbourhood, La Plaza del Tossal, you’ll find huge illustrations in the walls of the buildings, like a car falling down and a huge beard, which represents Moises. All the paintings here have a yellow-orange palette, which combines perfectly with the architecture of the area.

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If you walk down to the Paseo de la Petxina, you’ll get to the Falla Na Jordana, where you’ll see a big mural with different realistic artworks.

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2. Universitat Politécnica de Valencia (UPV)

In one of the student’s hot spots, you can find this urban art spot, whose artwork is named “Union”, which represents the tower of threatened biodiversity, from water wildlife to the animals of the heights, through mammals and land birds. It’s definitely worth a visit!

You’ll also find a portrait of Margarita Salas done by the artist Lula Goce, supporting a feminist movement called “Mujeres de Ciencia” (Woman of Science).

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3. Mercado de Rojas Clemente

This market, located really close to the city centre, recently decorated all its walls with colourful and vibrant paintings. This urban art spot is also an interesting stop to buy local products and fresh fruits and vegetables.

This local market in Valencia was built in 1963 and came to life with this spectacular wildlife graffiti in 2017. Photo by Ainhoa Canales

4. In every street of Valencia

One of the most popular urban art spots you’ll see all around Valencia is this funny ninja character, a graffiti created by the illustrator, graphic designer and urban artist David De Limón, and influenced by the underground comic such as Robert Crum or Peter Bagge.

5. Cruz Cubierta, Valencia

If you admire art and figures such as Dalí or Frida Kahlo, you have to visit the artworks created by the talented artist Dridali. You’ll find an art spot here, an illustration of Dalí in the Cruz Cubierta Valencia, and Frida Kahlo in the small locality of Los Pedrones, Valencia.

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6. Benimaclet

Benimaclet is also another area of Valencia where you can find urban art spots in all its expressions everywhere. In October, the ConFusión Festival takes place in this neighbourhood. It’s a social event which includes any type of art, from music to paintwork or poetry reading. During this weekend several pieces of art and murals are created.

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One of the art pieces created in the Confusion Festival, in Benimaclet, a social and cultural event whose main objective is to support art in all its expressions. Photo by Ainhoa Canales
A sociological portrait of a group of black people and a stereotype of a European man. Photo by Ainhoa Canales

These are some of the most relevant or well-known urban spots of Valencia. However, we recommend you to discover the city on your own because the best way to experience the art hidden in this city is getting lost within its streets and being really attentive! Let us know which is your favourite one!

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