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Best Practices for New Remote Workers

Best Practices for New Remote Workers


The truth is that working remotely takes some adjusting, it can be challenging, especially if you are someone who enjoys the office environment and of course lots of social interaction. But nothing that can’t be achieved with some time and patience!
We put together a list of the best practices to help new remote workers to have a more pleasant, productive, and a less stressful experience!

Set a routine

As you’re starting your path of being new remote workers, try to start your day as you normally would. Shower and dress comfortably, but try to avoid looking at your emails or starting any work in your pajamas. Although it might be tempting to do so, the way you dress impacts you psychologically. Even if you dressed casually, it will help maintain the feeling of going to work, keeping up the same level of focus and confidence throughout the day. If you can, try to recreate the atmosphere you have at your desk with things that inspire you, like plants, music playing or pictures. Ensure that your workspace is a place you can go to each day and do your best work.

Have breaks

It’s important to make time for frequent breaks, getting up out of your chair and take some time for going for a walk and eating regular meals. It is important to make it a habit to move around and go to a different space even if for a minute. Mental and physical breaks give us the chance to recharge and refocus ensuring we are ready to get back to work.

Be connected

With all the work being done over email, calls, conference calls or chat, it is very important to stay connected. So, it is important to be active on all conversations as much as possible. This will help your colleagues and it will show that you are engaged on all discussions. This will also help you keep focused and ready to jump in when necessary. Note that since we don’t have the usual in-person clues available, it is very important to learn conversation dynamics and know what etiquette you should have.

Be communicative

Make sure you set boundaries with your new coworkers, like partners, friends, family members, pets and housemates. This will ensure that you can work in a productive environment. The fact that you are working from home, doesn’t mean you can take on extra house duties or cook dinner when you’d normally be expected to be working. If needed, explain your working hours and let everyone know them.

Avoid distractions

Try to set up a dedicated workspace only for you and for your office work, avoiding partners, friends, family members, pets and housemates to be nearby. It is very important to keep your working atmosphere as stress-free as possible.

Adapting to a new normal, is definitely a new territory and a challenge , so keep in mind these tips to make working from home more pleasant and productive!

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