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The Best Apps for Students to Find Discounts

The Best Apps for Students to Find Discounts

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Let’s talk about discounts. Isn’t it the best feeling in the world to look at a price tag and realise the item we want to buy has a discount? For those who love to save and are always looking for the best deals, we’ve combined a list with the best apps to find student discounts. The following apps give you discounts in restaurants, online shopping, and more, and they’re all available on the App Store and Google Play. Ideas on how to save are always welcomed, right?


Wish is an app where you can find 50 to 80% discounts in most products. Not bad, right? This is the biggest online shopping centre in Europe and North America: there are 12 categories of products, like fashion, electronic devices, makeup and jewelry.

What makes this app so cool is that, aside from the regular discounts, you can get points that can be redeemed for coupons, which will then give you extra discounts. It’s possible to earn these points by buying a product, reviewing a purchase, and uploading a picture with the review!

Wish is designed to simplify the online shopping process. There are several payment methods (credit cards, Google Wallet, PayPal…); you can return your items or cancel the order up to 8 hours after your purchase; and you can constantly track where your order is. More than 150 million people are currently the app!

The Fork

This is a must-have app for all you foodies! With The Fork you can not only discover more than 40.000 restaurants and check thousands of reviews about them, but you can also make online reservations and — the best part — get access to exclusive sales and up to 50% discounts.

It has a great loyalty programme: for each online reservation you make, you gain points (150 through the mobile app and 50 through the website), and when you reach 1000 or 2000 points, you can respectively convert them to €10 and €25 vouchers in meals. The app is now available in nine European countries, including Portugal, Spain, France and Italy.

Discount Calculator

This app doesn’t give you discounts directly, but it simplifies your life in the “world of discounts”. No one likes maths, especially when shopping, but sometimes it’s a necessary evil. Having to calculate how much a discount will actually impact the final price is a task made easier by the Discount Calculator.

When a particular item is, say, 20% off, Discount Calculator does the simple and useful maths for you; just type the initial price of the product and the discount percentage, and the app tells you what the final price is.


Is there anything more perfect than an app that gives you discounts at McDonald’s? We don’t think so. Search for your country’s McDonald’s app and start saving on your Big Macs. Aside from being given special coupons that you can redeem at a restaurant within a deadline, you can join the Mlovers programme, which allows you to earn points for each menu you buy, and then exchange them for menus and unique experiences. Your burger never seemed more appealing.

Gear Best

If you’re into technology, this app is for you. Gear Best is an online shopping platform specialised in gadgets and consumer electronics, where it’s possible to buy products at an exclusive price and also enjoy flash sales with items at half price and limited coupons. There’s also a loyalty programme: you can earn pointsbest by submitting feedback on your order or subscribing to the newsletter, for example.

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There are more than 110.000 products across many categories such as mobile phones, computers and gaming, and they add new products every day. There is shipping available for 14 European countries including Portugal, Spain, France, Germany and Italy.

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