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What are the Benefits of Volunteer Work for Students?

What are the Benefits of Volunteer Work for Students?

When we go to university, there comes a time, in our academic journey, when we start thinking:

What am I going to do when I finish college? 


How am I going to get ahead in the job market?

Thus, the best way for you to stand out from other candidates is to be involved in some extracurricular activities.

One possible extracurricular activity is volunteer work. Volunteer work will allow you to have an impact on the community and, at the same time, to challenge yourself and develop valuable skills, to the job market.

Benefits of Volunteer Work

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While in a volunteer program, you will be in a different and challenging environment, that will require you to adapt and reinvent yourself. Consequently, you will have a greater knowledge of yourself and understand your strengths and weaknesses, as well as how to deal with them.

Simultaneously, you will come into contact with people from different backgrounds and realities. This will allow you to acquire new knowledge and develop social skills, such as leadership, problem solving, teamwork and trust.

While in a volunteer program, it can happens that this is your first contact with the labour market. If you occupy positions inherent to your area of study, you will obtain practical knowledge about it. This knowledge will allow you to differentiate yourself and it’s the type of knowledge you would never obtain in college.

On the other hand, if you don’t occupy positions inherent to your area of training, don’t worry. You will always have a background that the other candidates won’t have. This will help you respond to your responsibilities more effectively and efficiently.

So, when you get to university and you feel that you want to use your full potential, don’t hesitate to look for volunteer programs. Here you can start to create your own network, which can represent an added value in the long term.

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Volunteer at AIESEC

Photo via AIESEC

An example of one of the organisations you can get in touch with is AIESEC.

AIESEC is a youth-led global organisation, that emerged in 1948, after World War II.

AIESEC seeks to achieve peace through the development of human potential by seeing in young people, the leaders of the future, the best way to achieve this purpose. With AIESEC you have two possibilities for growth: to undertake an international volunteering experience or to become a member of the organisation.

If you are interested in belonging to this organisation, do not hesitate and discover the leader in you. Join AIESEC recruitment here.

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