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8 Craft Beers You Should Try During Your Erasmus

8 Craft Beers You Should Try During Your Erasmus

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“Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.”

While this quote is incorrectly attributed to American Founding Father Benjamin Franklin, it doesn’t make it untrue. Beer is an ancient drink; the oldest and most widely consumed alcoholic drink in the world, in fact. And what better way to get to know a country than to try its beer? After taking a look at our beer map and the best pubs in Europe to enjoy a pint, check out the 8 craft beers you should try during your Erasmus or your travels.

1. Hops & Barley from Germany

This microbrewery brews its beer in Berlin’s Friedrichshain neighbourhood and attracts young, locals crowds. Their philosophy is combining traditional brewing with innovative beer styles — and they never filter their beer to preserve its natural taste. Try the Friedrichshainer Pilsner.

2. Noctua from Greece

Four friends from Athens decided to quit their jobs and brew beer in an old garage. Yes, really. They’re actually living the dream. Noctua Brewery is the only microbrewery in the Greek capital, and Athenea Noctua, the latin name of the smallest owl in Greece, was the inspiration behind its name. Even the name of their two beers follow the brand’s concept: the pale ale Head Twister and the black IPA Night Vision (we recommend the latter). What a hoot, right?

3. Dois Corvos from Portugal

Dois Corvos was the first brewery in Lisbon and is now one of the most well-known craft beer brands in the country. They’ve created over 20 different beers from scratch and combine a lot of unique flavours. Try the Galáxia: a creamy Milk Stout with chocolate, coffee and caramel twists. Trust us.

4. La Virgen from Spain

While Mahou is Madrid’s classic beer, the city’s craft beer scene is booming. Aside from the Fábrica Maravillas we recommended before, La Virgen is also a great choice. They specialise in six types of craft beers: three seasonal and three permanent. We recommend the IPA Veraniega.

5. AleBrowar from Poland

Even though vodka is Poland’s national drink, the country’s craft beer scene is really strong. The crazy names and labels of this Polish craft beer from Lebork are enough to grab your attention — go for the American Pale Wheat Ale, Be Like Mitch.

6. Birrificio Lambrate from Italy

Birrificio Lambrate in Milan’s Via Camillo Golgi is the oldest microbrewery in the city. They offer 13 classic beers produced all year long, and they always have a few seasonal ones, too. We recommend grabbing a Pilsner Montestella after class — Politecnico di Milano is very close.

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7. BrewDog from United Kingdom

BrewDog was founded in Scotland by two friends. Now, BrewDog has their paws all over the world. Their pubs always have a huge variety of craft beers on tap. Try the Punk IPA.

8. Pivovar Nomad from Czech Republic

Pivovar Nomad don’t actually have their own brewery. They asked a few friends who already own a brewery in Prague if they could help them brew their own beer — and so it happened. They fly around the world, taste interesting beer, and create their own interpretations. Try the APA Easy Rider.

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