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Valentine’s Day: Alternative Date Ideas

Valentine’s Day: Alternative Date Ideas

Valentine’s Day. For some of us, it is a normal holiday, while for others it is a great opportunity to show their true feelings and emotions towards the loved ones. It doesn’t matter if you spend this day by yourself, with family or with your boyfriend or girlfriend, getting closer to this event raises the question of how to escape from the routine of celebrating this special day of love. In the following guide, we provide a list of alternative date ideas on how to have a wonderful Valentine’s Day with low-budget and in an unusual way.

Watch a stand-up comedy

Either live or on the internet, watching your favourite comedian on the stage is a very uplifting and joyful activity. There are stand-up comedy events regularly organised in most of the biggest cities in Europe that open up the opportunity to go out of the house. However, if you two plan to stay in the comfort of your home, the variety of options is even larger. With a Netflix account or simply access to Youtube you can find a wide range of stand-up comedy videos just like Kevin Hart: Seriously Funny or Chris Rock’s Crazy Kids. Why is it so good, you might ask? Well, as Charlie Chaplin once said: “A day without laughter is a day wasted.” Besides this, laughter fills you with good vibes, reduces the level of stress, especially if you share this with the person you love the most.


Online stand-up comedy: 0€   

Live: from ~10€

Learn something together

Acquiring a new skill is always a super useful activity, but doing it together makes it a bigger fun. Learning something new with your partner not only makes you better team-workers, but you can also get to know each other in more depths. Taking a dance class optimises coordination and forces you to move in harmony with your partner. However, if you feel that dancing is not the activity you would like to spend your Valentine’s Day with, then try horseback riding, playing tennis, golf or simply go to a cooking-baking class. It’s also a wonderful idea to teach each other for different skills: you can paint, but your partner can’t? Show him/her how to do so, but don’t get disappointed if something doesn’t go according to your plan: keep having fun as a priority.

Costs: ~ 0€ – 15€

Visit an animal shelter

Visiting an animal shelter can be a brilliant idea, especially if you two do not own a cute pet or you don’t have the chance to cuddle a puppy daily. Checking an animal shelter and helping out there can give you a common issue to take care of and can raise your social awareness. Also, in case you start to have special feelings towards an animal, you might think about adopting one to have your own pet that can show the different side of your relationship. However, spending Valentine’s Day with pets can surely have a very positive impact on your day, your mood and your relationship, as well.

Costs: basically costs nothing. In case you adopt one pet.

Go out for a city tour at night

In case you want to avoid the crowd of love-couples and would like to have a night for yourselves only, go out for a city-tour at night, visit some of the most amazing buildings of where you live with the bright lights on or hop on a boat and cruise through nighty city. This activity not only shows your place from a – literally – different light but has a scent of romanticism in it. If you are lucky enough, you can glance through the starry night, too and have a special and unique experience with your love.

Costs: (may vary) ~ 0€ – 25€.

Boat trips: ~15€

Take part in a quiz night

Do you have solving riddles and finding clues in common? Do you like to spend your spare time doing brainy activities or taking part in trivia nights? In case you want to keep this habit on Valentine’s Day, the best activity you can do is taking part in a quiz night. There are several events organised time to time, but if you don’t find something you like, don’t panic: create your own. Doing quizzes can keep your memory fresh, makes you learn something new, and the feeling of victory gives satisfaction to the players. Having fun and solving problems in games like that can build a stronger bond between the two of you and keeps up the excitement and the feeling of support for the couples.

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Costs: literally nothing, only what you consume

Hopefully, the above-mentioned tips are of help for you to have an unusual Valentine’s Day regardless of whether you spend it with your partner, family or friends. The key is to enjoy each other’s company and give some love.


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