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AIESEC: Reasons to Become a Member

AIESEC: Reasons to Become a Member

AIESEC is the world’s largest youth-led organisation, created in 1948, after World War II. Their goal was to develop leadership skills in young people, in order to prevent similar conflicts from happening again.

In other words, AIESEC seeks to achieve peace and the development of human potential through young people. The younger generation constitute the leaders of the future and they have the opportunity to build a better world.

But how does AIESEC intend to achieve this goal? Through international experiences, by placing young people, between the ages of 18 to 30 years old, in challenging environments. This contributes to their personal and professional development by activating their leadership skills.

Thus, AIESEC believes that these experiences enable the development of leadership skills as: World Citizen, Self-aware, Empowering Others and Solution-Oriented.

Contact with Young People

Photo via AIESEC

By becoming a member of AIESEC, you will have unlimited opportunities to be in contact with young people.

You will be receiving young people from all over the country and from all over the world. They come to impact communities or to support other youngsters choosing an international project.

At the end, you will be able to witness first-hand transformation of these youths. You will watch the growth of the youngsters you come in contact to every day, alongside with your personal development.

Professional growth

You will also be able to grow and occupy higher positions, at the end of every six months.

At the end of a year, you can become a department director or even president of AIESEC in Portugal. At AIESEC you will have several opportunities to grow, to challenge yourself and to learn.

AIESEC can be your first contact with the labour market. It is spread over several portuguese universities such as:  Universidade do Minho, Vila Real, Aveiro, Lisboa Nova, Lisboa Católica, Lisboa ISCTE, Lisboa ISEG, Coimbra NEFE and Porto FEP.

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How to become a member?

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If you are interested in contributing to AIESEC’s purpose, while you work on improving yourself, here’s your chance! To become a member, you only have to take the first step: apply!

As a young and inclusive organisation, they are not looking for young people who have all the knowledge, but for people who are looking to learn, grow and develop themselves.

At AIESEC you can discover the leader within yourself, and you don’t have to wait to finish college: join the world’s largest youth organisation now!

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