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9 Student Meals You Won’t Miss After Your Semester Ends

9 Student Meals You Won’t Miss After Your Semester Ends

The collegium studiosum [latin], also know as the university student, is a species with odd food habits. It eats out of cans and has the ability to match unmatchable food, all with the help of its most useful possession: the microwave.
How to know if you’re one of them? Simply ask yourself when was the last time you ate a home-cooked meal that didn’t came out of a can? If you can barely remember, it’s probably because you’re a university student.
If so, this post is for you, to honour the quintessential student meals you won’t miss after your semester ends or after graduating.

1. Grilled cheese sandwich

A classic student meal that never gets old. You can eat a delicious cheese toast at breakfast, lunch or dinner; it fits every occasion. They go well with any kind of cheese, done on the toaster or in a pan. Don’t worry; as soon as you earn your own money, you will never need to eat one of these again.

2. Tuna sandwiches

The previous point also stands for tuna. We’re not talking about the fancy ones you eat at a restaurant with fresh tuna; we’re talking about the ones made with canned tuna. They’re especially plain and dry when you run out of mayo. Although they’re perfect when you’re in a hurry or on a tight budget, you won’t really miss them.

3. Frozen pizza

Well, this is one of the most famous dishes in the world. This is always the plan B to have at the back of the freezer to bring back out when you don’t feel like cooking. However, this one is a trap. Leaving university doesn’t mean you stop eating pizza; it just means you don’t have an excuse to eat frozen pizza anymore. After all, pizza is love, pizza is life.

4. Everything-I-had-in-the-fridge salad

It’s very unlikely that you have eaten a proper green salad during your university years. However, there were those days where you would just mix everything you had at home. Salad is that classic dish you immediately associate with diets and with the weirdest combinations, but in uni it just means “I don’t feel like going to the supermarket, so I’ll mix everything I find at home”. This is something you’ll avoid in the next couple of months and won’t miss for sure.

5. Rice or pasta with tuna

Here’s your best friend from the last few years. I’m not sure if it’s a world rule already, but it should be — every university student needs to have at least five packs of tuna, rice and pasta in the pantry if they want to survive. Despite having saved your life way too many times, this is a student meal you don’t want to have in the near future.

6. Pasta with sausage

This is probably your second best friend. If there was no tuna at home, then I bet there’d be some cans/jars of sausages. They might seem good when you’re in your early twenties, but you’d be better off with a nice, juicy steak, wouldn’t you?

7. Pasta with tomato sauce

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I promise this will be the last pasta combination I mention. Can you recall those days when you had nothing in the fridge and no money in your bank account? Well, those were the days that you had to eat pasta with tomato sauce. It doesn’t bring you good memories, right? Yeah, I bet you’re praying not to eat this ever again unless it’s cooked by a nice Italian grandmother.

8. Omelette

This is likely to be the most difficult dish to cook on this list. You almost need a Masters degree to make a good one. Cooking an omelette is a real challenge, as in most cases it becomes either scrambled eggs or just too dry for you to eat it.  Anyway, it’s the perfect dish when the only thing you have in the fridge are eggs. However, considering the effort you have to put into this, you won’t be doing omelettes for the next couple of years.

9. Frozen hamburgers

Hamburgers are great, period. However, there are some better than others. Plenty of people like fast food and their first choice is always a hamburger, but don’t get mistaken — the worst ones are the ones you eat when you’re at university. I’m not talking about the kind of hamburgers from McDonald’s or BurgerKing. I’m referring to those frozen hamburgers from the supermarket that come in boxes of six. Alas, there’s no way of turning those cardboard suckers into a juicy hamburger.

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What’s your signature student meal? Let us know in the comments. And remember: if you need student accommodation, you’ll find the perfect student home on Uniplaces.

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