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7 Types of Flatmates You Will Live With

7 Types of Flatmates You Will Live With


Going to University means leaving home-cooked meals and a tidy house to live with people you don’t know. To prepare you, we decided to gather a list of 7 types of flatmates you might live with during the best years of your life:

1. The Obsessive Cleaner

The Obsessive Cleaner cannot live in the “filthiness” of their fellow flatmates and believes everyone should have their cleaning standards. Essentially, they are Monica from “Friends”. An Obsessive Cleaner flatmate will wake you up at 9am on a Saturday with the sound of the vacuum cleaner banging on your door.

2. The Master Chef

This is a person that could be on MasterChef! At least that’s what we, canned tuna eaters, think. The Master Chef manages to make an exquisite meal while we stare at our open fridge with the same face we stare at an exam we didn’t study for.

3. The Note Leaver

Every apartment has that “please wash your own dishes” note on the sink. This was left by the Note Leaver. To avoid confrontation, they express themselves through notes. The Note Leaver flatmate will leave a note in the kitchen saying there is no more hot water but you will only read it after a very cold shower.

4. The Hostess

The Hostess loves a full house. Any occasion is good to host a dinner, a house party or a Sunday brunch. They’re rarely alone at home, making the house busier than a hostel in Berlin. The hostess always offers their home to crash after a night out. They have a real talent to fit seven people in a single bedroom with 10 square meters.

5. The one in a serious relationship

Love is a beautiful thing! If you live with someone in a serious relationship, expect awkward encounters in the corridor in the middle of the night. They will use cheesy nicknames on the phone and always say “We’ll be there” instead of “I’ll be there” when invited for coffee or a party. It’s a two-in-one flatmate package.

6. The Procrastinator

Like a slob, the Procrastinator registers almost no activity during the day. The Procrastinator sleeps through the alarm, which means they barely go to classes. They will amaze you with their ability to reduce life’s complexity by only performing activities than can be done from the couch.

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7. The Ghost

You can’t help but feel that there is someone living in the room down the hall, but you’re not entirely sure. That’s because the Ghost prefers solitude. They usually leave the room at night while others are asleep.

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Have you lived with any of these flatmates? Do you know any other types? Let us know in the comments.

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