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7 Signs to Prove a Valencian Friend is the Best Friend

7 Signs to Prove a Valencian Friend is the Best Friend

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If you spend some time in Valencia you will notice that valencian people are unique. If you are lucky enough to have valencian friends you will discover new aspects about friendship that you didn’t know before. This are the 7 signs to prove a valencian friend is the best friend.

1. A Valencian friend will go wherever you go

We will have a very strong concept about friendship, so in case you need help just tell us and we will be there for sure. If you want to travel, a valencian friend will be always there to give you new ideas and do the craziest things you can imagine. Always together!

2. There’s no limit of time

Once you have a valencina friend, this friendship will be forever. It doesn’t matter how many years you spend apart, your valencian friend you receive you like a real and close friend. This is also working when you live in Valencia: there’s no limit of time or maximum each week to see each other!

3. You will learn new words every day

Valencians always mix Valencian and Spanish, so it’s very common to speak in Spanish but with a few words in Valencian. This is the best way to learn new words and in the end, a new language!

4. You will expand your limits

A valencian friend has no limits: it’s ok to go out at 2am, it’s ok to have dinner at midnight and it’s ok to spend your summer hitchhiking. We never say no to new experiences and that’s how we always have amazing stories to tell.

5. Summer will become a flexible word

If a valencian friend tell you ‘we can do something in summer’ you must know that with summer we mean from March to November. We travel in October as if it was August. And yes, if we go to a place with less than 10ºC it will be extreme winter for us.

6. You will get a new family

Valencians are very familiar people. When you become a friend with a valencian, you will be part of her/his family. They will invite you to eat paella at Sunday every week for sure!

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7. And for sure: you will never forget a valencian friend!

A valencian friend is a person difficult to forget. While you live in Valencia you will love their company and when you leave, sure that you miss them for the rest of your life!


What is for you the best part of having a friend? Let us know in the comments. And remember: if you need student accommodation, you’ll find the perfect student home on Uniplaces.

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