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5 ways to cut the cost of your bills

5 ways to cut the cost of your bills

Easy ways to save money for students

Editor’s note: As a student, you’re always looking for new and easy ways to save money. Some of you cut costs by not buying coursebooks (there’s somewhere between five to ten pints for each book after all). Others spend a week on pot noodles to afford the epic Friday night. One easy way to save money every month is to cut the cost of your bills. Jake of Save the Student shows you how!

As a student you’ve probably worked extremely hard to track down the perfect accommodation and made sure it’s well within your, and your housemates’, budget. It can be easy to think that the hard work has been covered but have you considered that you might have to pay for extra essentials such as gas, electricity, water and the internet? Unfortunately, you can’t live in the dark.

There’s no denying that bills can be a real drain on your budget but luckily there’s a few ways that you can make the costs a little easier to deal with.

Student paying less for bills
Splitting your own bills may sound like a chore, but it’s an easy way to spend less money.

Cut the cost – tip #1: Split the bills yourself

During your search for student bills you might have come across some companies that offer to split your bills and track down deals for you. If you want to save the most money it’s best to avoid them and do it yourself. 

These companies usually charge a fee for splitting the bills and only work with a select number of providers meaning you might end up paying more than you need to. It’s not hard to split the cost of the bills yourself and the easiest way to do this is to take responsibility for one account each.

Cut the cost – tip #2: Shop around for the best deal

Embrace the power of the internet and compare all of the best student bills companies. There’s no excuse for not finding the best offer to suit your needs, especially when it comes to broadband.

Just look out for student broadband comparison tables like this one on the Save the Student website.

cut costs by dressing warm
You didn’t really need an excuse to wear your warmest comfy clothes, but now you have one!

Cut the cost – tip #3: Keep usage low

Once you’ve hunted down the best deals you can still save money by keeping your usage to a minimum.

 Make sure you switch off everything when you leave the house and don’t have lights or the heating on for too long. It’s cheaper just to wrap up warm!

The same goes for internet usage. If you’ve chosen a contract that has a download limit make sure you don’t go over it or you could be stung with a nasty surprise in your monthly bill.

Cut the cost – tip #4: Pay direct debit

Most companies, especially gas and electricity, will allow you to save money simply by paying a direct debit.

 Just make sure you have enough money in your account each month to pay it to avoid missed payment charges.

You could also save money by having paperless billing among other things.


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cut the costs set up direct debit
Arrange to pay your bills by direct debit and you’ll be saving money.

Cut the cost – tip #5: Pay upfront

This isn’t a viable option for some students but if you can afford to pay your bills upfront, especially your phone line cost, there could be huge savings to be made.

The best thing about most student houses is that there will be 4+ people living there so any upfront costs will be split multiple ways. Don’t forget to ask your supplier if they give discounts for payments upfront.

So there you have it. Now you have no excuses for overpaying on your bills and utilities throughout the year. If you fancy checking out more advice on how to save money on your bills as well as the best offers out there for students then make sure you check out the Save the Student bill section.

Thanks for reading this post! We hope to see you soon, coming back for more.

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