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5 Nude European Experiences You Cannot Miss

5 Nude European Experiences You Cannot Miss

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Summer is around the corner and that means, well… sun. Yup, for any true sun worshipper, we know that the upcoming summer heat waves (we’re looking at you, London) are the reason we’ve spent the last month lunging in the streets and ab crunching in our seats, trying to perfect our bodies for flaunting season.

When that sun comes out to play, the guns will come out to play, and there’s no better place to shake what yo momma gave you than in some of Europe’s top nudie hotspots where tan lines and textiles are simply offensive.

Hedonists of all shapes and sizes, it’s time to stop looking for those foodie trips and think about your nudie trips. Here are some of the best birthday suit experiences Europe has to offer you:

1. Bodypainting

What better way to express yourself than by partying in the buff with nothing but bodypaint to hide your modesty? Held every year in Klagenfurt, Austria or Bodypaint City during the months of June or July, the World Bodypainting Festival is an annual body painting competition that attracts over 30,000 artists and spectators from over 50 countries.

The highlight of the event is the closing Body Circus ball, a surreal party where painted bodies, fire-breathers, burlesque dancers and beats come together to celebrate the arts.

2. Naked hiking

Never one to shy away, Germany is not the place for the prudish eye and may just be the king of nudist experiences. Freikoerperkultur, or Free Body Culture, a practise that was surprisingly popular in the otherwise highly restrictive German Democratic Republic, today spreads throughout the country in a host of different places.

While there is a plethora of designated nudist beaches where you can sun your buns freely, a more interesting experience would be to take Germany’s first nudist hiking trail. Running from the town of Dankerode to the Wippertal Dam near the city of Leipzig, the 11 miles hike is at the top on the list of thrill-seeking travellers, and even got an endorsement from the mayor of Wippertal!

3. Naked Sledding

And if you’re feeling particularly riskay but naked hiking isn’t your thing, every year Germany plays host to the World Naked Sledding Championships — yes, you read that right. Naked sledding.

It’s an opportunity of a lifetime for 44 eager contestants who strip down and slide down the slopes of Magdeburg to compete for the almighty title of Nacktrodelmeister — Naked Sledding Champion! Join in yourself or join an army of 5,000 fans to cheer for your favourite competitor.

4. Sunbathing with the stars

Playground for the stars, the French Riviera has been a favourite for Hollywood’s darlings for centuries, and Plage de Tahiti in St. Tropez is no different. Generations of celebs flock to the sun-kissed shores of this topless beach every summer to float freely on the warm waters of the Mediterranean, surrounded by nothing but glistening white sand and crystalline turquoise waves.

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Whether it’s a glimpse of Orlando Bloom’s jewels that you’re after, a peek at Miranda Kerr’s VS credentials, or simply the opportunity to show off your own talents to any eagle eyed scout, St. Tropez is the ultimate Adam and Eve beach experience that you cannot miss. Remember kids, less is more.

5. Hang out au-natural in a hammam

If you choose to do one thing in Turkey, make sure it’s this: bathe in the soothing waters of a traditional Turkish bath. While hammams in the capital are aplenty, nothing beats a visit to Istanbul’s oldest and grandest spa: Cagaloglu Hamami.

Here you can soak like a sultan, enjoying the views of the exquisite Ottoman marble architecture while being attended to by your own private bather. You’ll be washed and massaged until your skin is soothed, smoothed, and your spirit rejuvenated. Leave your inhibitions at the door, along with your clothes, and embrace an age-old tradition that is still celebrated today.

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