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5 Horror Movies to Watch This October

5 Horror Movies to Watch This October


A Friday the 13th and Halloween in the same month? That’s what we call a real treat. Everybody loves a good horror movie, especially on these occasions. There is nothing like gathering around with your friends in front of the TV and waiting for the jump scares to appear. These five horror movies are some of my personal favourites — from old school classics to more recent ones — and a must-watch on the scariest month of the year. Keep reading if you dare!

1. Psycho (1960)

Alfred Hitchcock is not a strange name to horror movies. Some consider him the father of the suspense genre, and this 60s classic doesn’t need an introduction. It’s critically acclaimed and praised as major cinematic art.

Psycho is about Marion Crane, a woman seeking for a new life, who goes on the run and ends up checking into a motel managed by a young man and controlled by his mother. This movie is known by its iconic bathroom scene, which has become a classic.

2. The Shining (1980)

This is by far my favourite horror movie of all time. Ingeniously produced and directed by Stanley Kubrick, The Shining stands out as a masterpiece. Based on Stephen King’s 1977 novel, it tells the story of Jack Torrance, an aspiring writer and recovering alcoholic, played by Jack Nicholson.

Jack starts working as a caretaker in an isolated hotel on Colorado Rockies, where he takes his family to live during a frosty winter. His son, Danny, is possessed by “the shining”, which allows him to see the terrific past of the hotel. From the iconic scene of “Here’s Johnny” to the two twin sisters at the end of the hall, this is without a doubt a Halloween favourite.

3. The Conjuring (2013)

What makes a good horror movie — demons, supernatural activity, or jump scares? This movie has a bit of everything, and it’s even based on a true story, which increases the mystery around it.

Paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren are called to help a family who moved to a farmhouse and has been dealing with some strange things. The events that follow quickly escalate to a living nightmare.

4. Get Out (2017)

Chris Washington seems just like any other regular African American who is nervous about meeting his Caucasian girlfriend’s parents for the first time. He never dreamed it would be such a unique encounter.

Spending a weekend in an isolated house, Chris starts to get suspicious about the overly nice behaviour. It all turns into a nightmare when his mother-in-law hypnotises him to allegedly stop his smoking habits.

5. It (2017)

Promoted as the scariest movie of all time, this reedition of the classic 90s miniseries It is already one of the most successful movies in cinemas this year, banking almost 190 million dollars worldwide on its opening weekend.

See Also

It tells the story of Derry, a small town where local kids start to disappear and where we are introduced to those who are willing to stop it. This group of “losers” start to trace the steps of a shapeshifting demon clown called Pennywise, whose power increases with the fear of his victims. It’s success relies a lot on the cheesy jokes made by Finn Wolfhard, which perfectly synchronise with the creepy tension.


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