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5 Essential Free Apps to Help you Go Through Quarantine

5 Essential Free Apps to Help you Go Through Quarantine

Staying online and connected has definitely become one of the best ways to cope with quarantine and for sure apps can help on that task. After all, we’re not going to the office every single day anymore, to that relaxing yoga class after work, or enjoying a glass of wine with friends on a Friday night. 

But hey, it’s time to use technology and creativity to our advantage and find other ways to get social— and distracted!  

To help you feel closer to your loved ones, cook yummy recipes and stay chill, here are 5 must-download apps for your stating home time! Oh, and they’re free! 



If you’re online, you have already heard about the Houseparty app. This face-to-face social network is making people’s quarantine less lonely by connecting friends from all over the globe. You can add your friends to the chat room and throw parties where you can all play games like Trivia and Heads Up. 


Take note: that’s the first app you need to download for your staying home time! 


Available for iOS and Android. 



For foodies who love to play Master Chef, the Tasty app will be your best friend over the next days. You’ll have over 3000 yummy recipes at your fingertips. The great thing is that you can even filter by ingredients and cuisine, and also personalise the app to hide recipes with meat if you’re a Vegetarian!


Available for iOS and Android. 



Ok. You might not be a TikTok fan at the moment, but we’re ready to change your mind. It turns out the it’s super fun! Often compared to Vine, the app compiles short-form music and lip-sync videos of 3 to 15 seconds and short looping videos of 3 to 60 seconds. 


Head over to Uniplaces’ Tik Tok for some fun videos that are guaranteed to lighten up your mood today! 


Available for iOS and Android


Simple Habit

Staying in it’s the perfect time to adopt new habits and learn the things you always wanted to. If “start meditating” has been on and off your New Years’ resolution list, now it’s the time! One of our favourite meditation apps is Simple Habit. 


The platform has 5-minute meditations, which you can squeeze into your busy routine. There are exercises for waking up with positivity, improve focus and even to get over your crush (hey, we won’t judge you for doing this meditation!).


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Available for iOS and Android



We’re firm believers that staying home is not an excuse to stop exercising. You can still stay active and move those muscles! Aside from being great to your body, working out can help you sweat the stress out during quarantine, so it’s also beneficial for your mind. 


Our app recommendation for home workouts is SworkIt. The platform has 3 categories: strength, cardio, and yoga. You just have to download it, tap the option “Fit in 5 minutes,”, put on your favourite playlist and you’re ready to go! 

Available for iOS and Android. 


What have you been doing to help you go through your quarantine? Share with us!

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Thank you for reading this post!

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