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3 Reasons why you should book in advance

3 Reasons why you should book in advance

Book online quickly - flatshares for rent and house shares go fast.

Time is short and the longer you spend reading this, the less likely it is you’ll find the perfect student accommodation option. So to get straight to the point, these are the three main reasons why you should book in advance your student accommodation.

1.   An affordable student residence, a double studio, a flatshare or a central apartment: all good properties to rent fly fast: great accommodation for student opportunities fly faster than faster-than-bullets Superman

At UniPlaces, we know a thing or two about the dark secrets of renting properties.  At our own risk, we are willing to reveal one that has been passed on among the secret societies of realtors, whispered in ceremonies involving incense, carmine robes and sacrifices to the gods of private property. This secret is the following: by the time you have finished reading the rather long title of this paragraph, a really nice room just got booked. (Could have been yours!) By the time you have finished this paragraph, four rooms are no longer up for grabs – two of them in halls for students. (Sorry about that.) No pressure, or anything, but those rooms could have been yours. That’s reason number one why you should book in advance.

2. Temporary accommodation sucks

You may have slept in a hostel already and enjoyed the late night conversations in rooms shared by twelve people and the drinking games going on until morning. But imagine arriving to a city you don’t know and having to take a cab to a hostel where you are the only person who isn’t on holidays – an international student surrounded by backpackers? All of this when you can just fly in, go home, unpack, and unwind. Really? Trust us, it’s not the kind of start to your student exchange or Erasmus experience that you’ll want. That’s reason number two why you should book in advance.

3.  Because it’s safe and easy

We don’t mean to brag but this whole UniPlaces concept makes finding homes, cheap apartments for rent or rooms in private halls and booking cheap accommodation so convenient it is almost ridiculous. There are no money transfers until we have found you a place, and until you have found that place we don’t transfer your money anywhere else. Plus, you can use our search engine or our excellent customer support team to find an apartment that is everything you are looking for.

Whether you’re coming with a group of international students, or alone for an exchange at university, we always have the same advice:

Try us, you’ll see.

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