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11 Times Game of Thrones Perfectly Described Student Life

11 Times Game of Thrones Perfectly Described Student Life

Kill your darlings. A credo George R.R. Martin lives by and a way we often feel about university life when it becomes just a tad bit too much. But how can such a show about power struggles, brutality, sex, but also family ties reflect ordinary student life? Actually in more ways than you think. And wisdom can be found not only with the lovable Starks, but also with the annoying Lannisters for some reason or other… Her are 11 times Game of Thrones perfectly described student life:

1. Sometimes, everything just comes at you

Feeling that the world is coming at you? Well, Jon Snow can relate. During the Battle of the Bastards, Ramsay’s army was charging right at him. But guess what, he walked out as the winning party of the conflict. Facing your challenges is a valuable life lesson and will bring you further to your goal. And maybe to the Iron Throne…

2. Alcohol sometimes solves problems

Life is tough. But fear not, you don’t always have to deal with it at all times. Escapism is a great way to collect strength, concentrate on something else, and just have some fun. And yes, having a drink once in a while and letting lose helps ease the mind. Just don’t go full Cersei… never go full Cersei. She is crazy.

3. Always be polite

Let’s be honest. Ser Arthur Dayne is a role model. Best knight in all Westeros, badass and still polite, and fair to all his opponents. Ever heard anybody speak bad of him? You won’t. That’s a lesson to learn for your student life. Being righteous can get you places, and you leave a good impression when needed.

4. No one is perfect

“I know that I know nothing” is something already Socrates proclaimed in Ancient Greece, and we can all agree that Ygritte would sign that in a heartbeat if the label was Jon Snow. But as he figures out over the course of his story arc, she has a point. Nobody has all the facts, all the wisdom, and all the foresight at all times. But that is what makes us human. Never be too hard on yourself.

5. Know your worth

While you shouldn’t exactly follow Daenery’s repeated call for war, know your worth and know when you’re wronged. As a student, you’re more often than not just a number, or best case just a face in a classroom. If you’re wronged, the system might not notice. But if your grade is off or the deadline impossible, speak up. Who else will?

6. Improvisation is key

Forgot your presentation key notes, forgot what you studied for the last few weeks, have to sell a pitch for thesis, or just being asked a random question? And that’s just university…. Well, take a page out of Tyrion’s book. That guy never had an easy life. Being bullied by his sister and then almost killed, the guy has “improvisation in life” written all over him. And somehow, things always work out for him.

7. All things come to an end

Robb Stark never saw the winter of his life (too soon??), but it is an important lesson in life. As much fun as being a student is, it’s a status quo that will not last forever. In fact, it’s the last time in your life you possibly are entitled to something by default; in this case, an education. “Real life” can be quite a shock, and the sooner you start thinking about it, the better you will transition.

8. Partying can be anyone’s downfall

You don’t need Melisandre’s shadow baby as a creepy reminder that some things happen at night that better stay unspoken for the rest of any witness’ life. Nevertheless, always try to stay safe and enjoy while you can. Having a healthy party life will make you cherish those moments once you’ve outgrown that phase in your life.

9. Own your failures

Feeling naked and exposed or being it — Cersei knows the difference. In the end though, failing is part of life and it helps you learn. Just don’t blow up a Sept afterwards to get revenge. That’s just cruel.

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10. Don’t waste your time on terrible people

Bronn might use some strong language here, but he has a point. You meet a lot of people over the course of your student life. Some stay and some leave your inner circle, and some are just not worth your time. While teenage antics often bid you to try to fit in at all costs, your tweens are the perfect timing to realise that some people are just not worth your attention. Letting go is not only a relief, but a jolt of fresh energy.

11. Take advice

Joffrey had it coming, but he should have listened to Tyrion’s advice. Taking advice from someone with the necessary knowledge and experience is not a sign of weakness. It proves that you are open to input and ideas that might make you look at things in a way that you never thought about. After all, Tyrion became Hand of the Queen to the Mother of Dragons, while Joffrey got poisoned at his own wedding.

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