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11 Apps Every Foodie Should Have

11 Apps Every Foodie Should Have

Are you one of those people who is always looking for new spots in town, has went to every brunch and has more pictures of food than of your pet? If so, you are a real foodie! For you, foodies, we have gather the must-have apps for you, to make sure you never miss a delicious opportunity!

11 Apps Every Foodie Should Have


The TheFork app gives you access to over 40.000 restaurants available at any time and with the best prices in the biggest cities of Brazil, France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Turkey and Sweden. Almost everywhere to be honest! With this app you can also make online reservations and you can get discounts! You just have to collect Yums on every booking you make and swap them for discounts on your next meal. For each booking you’ll earn 150 Yums; 1000 Yums is equivalent to 10€ of discount on your next meal in a partner restaurant and 2000 Yums gives you 25€. TheFork is a very useful app to book a table always making sure the restaurant is open with available tables – perfect to avoid the waiting queues. And the reviews and photos help you make the right choice.


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Know better, book better and go better!

Foursquare City Guide

The Foursquare City Guide app will lead you to the perfect place anywhere in the world. Within the app, you can read short tips written by people from different cities, make lists for any occasion, add tastes, rate places, follow friends, brands and influencers, and keep a history of the places you’ve been. Find exactly what you’re looking for, in a fast and simple way! Find the best places to eat, drink, shop or even places to visit in a host of towns and cities across the planet. Foursquare learns all about what you like and suggests you to places that you’ll love!

Are you ready for new adventures? Download the app now.


The TripAdvisor app uses your location to send you fitted hotels, restaurants, attractions and accommodation rental recommendations as well as remember the places you’ve been already. Fortunately, the app has been integrated within Google Maps so that you can see the exact location of the place you’re looking for – so you’ll not lose yourself for sure. There’s a lot of things you can research. You can find book tables online, discover cool things to do in any destination and download maps and reviews for free. And all the places are shown in order of their overall rank which is based on user reviews. So you just have to read the reviews, compare the prices and then make the reservation.

The app is free and easy to use and so you have to take advantage of!

Roaming Hunger

Roaming Hunger app allows you to book the best food trucks. See the menus and photos from your favourite vendors and real time food truck map shows vendors closest to you at all times. As a user you can create targeted alerts and we’ll text and/or email you to let you know who’s serving nearby.

Eat like a boss by booking the best food trucks with Roaming Hunger!


Kekanto is a complete guide of restaurants, streets, cafes, hotels, shopping, and much more. Basically, the app is the virtual city guide that helps you find everything in the town quickly and easily. It was performed for the customers to find the place in the host city that best fits into them. Within the app you can discover new places, evaluate them and compare the opinions of other customers. Kekanto is a very good app for a foodie like you and very similar to the Foursquare one. Keep in mind that the great advantage of the app is the organised interface that allows the user to easily find establishments and services.

Take all the information in your pocket!


Yelp is here to help you. Use Yelp to find places to eat, shop, drink and relax. Read evaluations of an active and well-informed local community. You can filter your search by neighbourhood, distance, rating, price and opening hours. And in addition to reviews, you can use Yelp to find events, lists and to talk with other Yelpers. Awesome! In addition, you’ll get in touch with a community of people who defends and promotes the local trade and you can share with them your experiences, reviews, photos, videos, tips and more.

Yelp is the fastest and easiest way to search for businesses next to you!


Untappd was specially created for those who love beer – mainly for those who are into craft beer! You can expand your palate by trying new and different kinds of beers all over the world. The app shows you nearby popular bars, breweries and beers and what’s on tap before you get to the bar. You can check the updated menus, recommendations and local events for you to stay up-to-date. Within the app you can also quickly share your beers menu with the world. Note that you can connect the app to Twitter, Facebook, and Foursquare, or invite friends via email or social media.

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Discover new beers and what people is drinking!


FoodSpotting is an app which aims to keep together a worldwide community of foodspotters who love to find and share interesting dishes. You can recommend dishes and see what foodspotters, friends and experts recommend to you wherever you go. You can see what’s good in any restaurant and share your favorite dishes with the world. It’s very easy to use the app: you just need to look up your location, scan the map to fine tune it, find your desired restaurant and search for a particular dish that you’re craving. There’s other great features as follow friends and experts and also bookmark foods you “Want” to try or recommend dishes you’ve “Tried” and “Loved”. Note that you can connect the app with the Instagram by tagging your photos #foodspotting. And to become an expert you just need to spot 5 or more foods in the same category.

Find your dishes all over the world!


ChefsFeed shows you exactly where and what to eat in the world’s top restaurants. It’s powered by top chefs, which means everything you read, watch, and seek out on menus comes straight from someone who loves food just as much as you do. ChefsFeed also has more than a thousand chefs adding dishes they admire outside of their own kitchens, as well as dishes they cook. You can check the restaurant hours, get directions, book a table and get insider tips.

Now it’s easier to discover the best food in any neighborhood!


Kitchenbowl is an up-and-coming app that brings together people who love to cook. You can find step-by-step recipes and then you can bookmark your favorites and create collections for later use. In addition, you’ll find multiple categories: breakfast & brunch, healthy weeknight meals, healthy snacks, gluten-free treats, chicken recipes, Asian, Italian, Mexican and Indian recipes, salads, soups, desserts and drinks. Join this community of people who are passionate about cooking.

Create and share with the world your favorite recipes!


Are you in struggle to book a table in a popular restaurant? Nowait allows you to see current wait times for nearby restaurants and you can virtually wait in line, even if they don’t take reservations. You can simply join restaurant waitlists without leaving the house or the work – the wait is over! And how it works? Firstly, you have to discover restaurants, then add yourself to a waitlist. After that, you’ll receive a text message as soon as your table is ready. Finally, with just one tap share private feedback to help restaurants provide the best experience possible.


Get in line at restaurants from your phone!

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