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10 Things That Always Happen When You Go Out

10 Things That Always Happen When You Go Out

“Let’s go out! Tonight is going to be epic!”

I’m sure we’ve all heard these statements more than a million times before. And what happens almost every single time? Early night promises are broken. One thing is certain: epic night or not, there are 10 things that always happen when you go out:

1. You say you won’t drink too much

We all start the night saying the same, “I won’t drink too much tonight”. We even try to find the perfect excuse for that statement; we either have to wake up early the next morning or it somehow ended up being one of our New Year’s resolutions. Well… just wait and see how many glasses you will have held in your hands by the end of the night.

2. You don’t make it to the guest list

There is always that friend who says he can get everyone on the guest list. What actually happens is you ending up in a 1km queue out in the cold for half an hour only to pay 15€ to be able to get in. One more night and only in your dreams are you able to be on the guest list.

3. Your football player friend won’t stop drinking

Every group of friends has “the sports guy”. You’re probably thinking of the athletic one, but I’m thinking about the “wannabe football player” who is always drinking and never scoring.

4. Your dancing queen friend won’t keep still

We always have that one friend who is “the dancing queen”. She is always surrounded by boys. You always know where to find her as she is always in the centre of the dance floor. The challenge is passing through her fans while trying not to start a fight.

5. You always think one more shot won’t hurt

Everyone has heard, “one more shot can’t hurt anyone”. And we get it; shots are small, cheap and misleading. But it’s never going to be just one more. There’s always more shots, more dancing, more shots, and then… well, we don’t know because we don’t exactly remember.

6. There’s one friend who always goes missing

There’s always that one friend who disappears during the night. They are wanted by his friends like a criminal in the Old West. Sometimes they just get lost wandering around; other times, their crime is love. Although this sounds like a love story, it will probably be over by morning once they return.

7. Some of your friends won’t stop singing along to every song

We all have that one friend who knows all the lyrics by heart and spends the entire night singing like they were in a concert. But this isn’t the only singer in the group — there is always that other friend who doesn’t know any of the lyrics but incredibly sings along to every song. No one really knows what they’re singing, not even them, but it somehow works.

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8. It suddenly feels like you’re in The Hunger Games

At the end of a night out we find ourselves in The Hunger Games. The basic need to eat arises, so we try to survive in this jungle full of starving zombies searching for food. The strategy: finding a friend who is already in line to wait less time for the succulent hamburger/ kebab.

9. The time comes for the Uber search

There comes a time when the club closes and everyone is trying to find their way home. We usually elect the friend who drank the least for the task of finding an Uber. The chosen one finally manages to write all the right information on the app and Uber isn’t working. At this point, everyone is so tired that you decide to pretend you’re rich and take a taxi.

10. You realise promises are always broken

At the end of the night, as we arrive home and hug our bed, there’s that familiar thought of, “I will never drink this much again”, but it’s late and we all know night promises are easily forgotten, so let’s just rest.

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