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10 Students You Can Date at University

10 Students You Can Date at University

Dating is one of the best things about campus life, but with all the characters out there, it can be quite a challenge! We’re looking at some of the girls, guys and stereotypes you will meet this semester. Here are 10 students you date at university:

1. The Med Student


Smart, well dressed and clinical. You don’t get to catch up that often, but when you do, it’s by appointment only. Everything is up to a quality standard, and you can’t help but enjoying the luxury of a free check-up after a heavy night out drinking. Just don’t be surprised by the disposable gloves and gel standing on the nightstand.

Positives: If you’re accident-prone you’ve won the lottery here.

Negatives: Completely unreachable at exam time. Actually, completely unreachable after week 1 in the semester.

2. The Nature Lover

hiking girl

She’s a wandering ad for Patagonia, wears hiking boots in the library and sports a huge, satisfied grin. You have no clue how anyone can be so excited about waterfalls and piles of rocks, but as soon as you see her catching a trout with her bare hands, you can’t help but going with it. While she’s collecting wood for a fire, you’re contributing by updating your Instagram profile with #climbing.

Positives: Fresh air and a lot of exercise. Voilà, more room for beer!

Negatives: Your evenings are spent next to some summit in the middle of nowhere, far away from your friends.

3. The Engineer


After a couple of bad experiences you thought it would be nice to date someone with a brain. It’s all good until you figure out that the same brain has replaced all social skills with physical laws. He’s delighted — you cringe every time you see something even close to a mathematical formula. Oh, and bloody Star Wars.

Positives: Chances are that dates don’t come around too often. Smell the loyalty!

Negatives: Everything is explained with physics.

4. The Party Addict

student party

You’ll find this person at the closest watering hole, downing a third G&T before it’s 3 o’clock. There’s nothing wrong about enjoying student life, it’s “Booze Tuesday” at the university pub, after all. You’ll have fun, drink a ton of alcohol, and most likely attend all your lectures hungover.

Positives: Knows every bartender around campus. Free drinks!

Negatives: Don’t be surprised if your life expectancy goes down by a dozen years.

5. The Athlete


She wears the full Nike catalogue at all times and should get a Nobel Prize for the way she pulls off her track shorts. Your first date? Vomiting your way through a “casual half marathon” around campus on a Monday morning. Her thighs are your motivation, but how long can you keep up?

Positives: Well, she’s the hottest thing you’ve seen since Lara Craft. Enough said.

Negatives: Your last breath could be on a sweaty exercise ball.

6. The Exchange Student

german meal

Exotic, handsome and unwillingly funny. Best of all, his stay is short enough for you to not hate his weird sides. Instead, they’re refreshingly charming. He pronounces “think” like “zink,” drinks imported beer to every meal, and hails from some ski resort town in central Europe that you couldn’t be bothered to remember. Not really important, as he’ll be leaving anyway.

Positives: He’ll be leaving in the end.

Negatives: He’ll be leaving in the end.

7. The Religious One


Time to finally accept the Grace of God. You’ve never dated someone who’s been strictly religious, so why not? You finally find out why after 4 months with no action, but hey, at least you got baptised halfway through the semester. Time to hope for a connection between God and Santa.

Positives: One foot in heaven.

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Negatives: You’ve spent half your semester at Mass.

8. The Overachiever

unknown student

You met at the opening party, and because you’re too lazy to look elsewhere, you’re now dating. This character is smart, ambitious, but way too busy. Before you know it, you’re reduced to a Google Calendar colour code.

Positives: Someone is constantly reminding you of the importance of going to lectures.

Negatives: Can’t stop rubbing the latest A in your face.

9. The Art Major

artsy girl

Oh, dear. She’s beautiful and smart, that kind of artsy girl that sticks out of the crowd. Even though you don’t have a clue about Danish architecture and Chilean artists, she’s still seeing you for some reason as you swipe that credit card for a record-breaking time.

Positives: You feel intellectual and smart. You get to go to the museum for the first time, too.

Negatives: Extremely low cash flow.

10. The Right One


You might not believe it, but the “special one” could be in college! No, it’s not José Mourinho, but probably someone who falls into a category you didn’t really expect. University is packed with awesome people, so fingers crossed that someone finds your quirky sides to be positives. Happy dating!


What stereotypes have you dated in university? Let us know in the comments below!

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