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10 Student Memes that Perfectly Define Attending University

10 Student Memes that Perfectly Define Attending University

Just like the 10 Commandments, we’re here to give you the Commandments of University Life. These are written in stone too. You shall endure them, live them, and most of all miss them when your time at university is over. We give you 10 student memes that perfectly define attending university:

1. When you have to work with that guy

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I call this one the yes-I’m-doing-it-tomorrow guy. He always has an excuse ready to go and his part of the project is going to be done five minutes before the deadline. There’s always one in each group, and if you can’t tell who it is, then it’s probably you.

2. When classes mean “nap time” on your schedule

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In university this is the reaction that a teacher is gonna get of almost every student when The question pops up. After this question is made you will have about 5 seconds to write everything that’s on the board before the teacher decide to clean it.

3. When you have that awesome teacher

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Some teachers will make your life miserable, but there’s always one who has your back. This teacher is the one who awards you and your colleagues with the 0.4 values you need to pass. Sometimes they’ll even let you know some questions that “might show up on the exam”… They should get a 10!

4. When you start drinking coffee as if it was water

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The relationship between university students and coffee is ancient. University life means too many 8am classes after hard parties and all-nighters to learn an entire semester in one week, and with that comes an enormous amount of coffee. How many cups are too many?

5. When you say you’re going to take five

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Hey we’re going to get something to eat downstairs, wanna come?” or “Let’s take some fresh air to come back full of energy” are some of the best excuses to give during a boring afternoon of studying. Who doesn’t take five minutes that end in watching YouTube videos after scrolling down every social media platform?

6. When you start asking yourself if you’ll ever study

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Are you ever going to be able to study? You sit down at your desk, open your books, and say to yourself, “today’s going to be super productive, I’m telling you!”. Five minutes later you start to think about that pending season on Netflix you have yet to watch and say, “I’m only watching the pilot and then I’ll study!”. After binging one whole season, you look at the time, give up, and grab some popcorn to star season two.

7. When it’s that time of year again

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June gives us mixed feelings, right? We get torn apart between exams and the holidays and we’ll probably end up regretting not studying enough and drinking too much margaritas with small pink umbrellas.

8. When evenings are fun and mornings… aren’t

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You arrive at school with your dark sunglasses and a cup of coffee, moaning every time someone shouts in the corridors and listening to one of your friends say, “what happened, you said you were just having one beer!”. The truth is, you don’t even remember drinking more than that. We’ve all been there.

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9. When your wallet is empty spacious

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Student life is all about managing the pennies you find in your pocket. Students must become real ninjas when it comes to managing their allowance. Most of the times you finish the month living out of noodles and tuna cans — also known as ramfasting.

10. When you start to question your life decisions

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This happens to all students on the night before an important exam. You start wondering how much easier life would be if you had just stayed home watching tv shows on the sofa while eating mum’s chocolate cake. Then you remember that after this torment come the parties and all your worries disappear.

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Which of the memes describes your student life the best? Let us know in the comments. And remember: if you need student accommodation, you’ll find the perfect student home on Uniplaces.

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