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10 Most Common Student Lies

10 Most Common Student Lies

We are all very honest. However, not only are we human, we are also students. There are some things that we simply cannot speak the truth about — here are 10 of the most common student lies.

1. “This year is my year, I’m going to study hard and raise my grades.”

It all starts at the beginning of the semester. We all have a plan to study harder and raise our grades, while we all know that on the following Friday we will be nowhere near the library.

2. “I will start studying tomorrow.”

Once you are convinced that beer does speak louder than books, another phase begins: “I will start studying tomorrow.” We are still facing denial but how are we supposed to study when the next big Netflix show is out? Who cares about responsibilities.

3. “I don’t need to take notes, it’s all in my memory.”

Denial phase continues. We are all super heroes until the test day. On that day we face reality and pray for a miracle: having the minimum passing grade.

4. “I will not cheat.”

Or, as we like to call it, the “why me phase“. Why do I have 100 tests in the same week plus papers and homework to deliver? We write everything down on cheat sheets, but we won’t use them during the test. At least not a lot.

5. “My dog ate my homework.”

We have reached the phase of negotiation, when we make every effort to come up with a good excuse, like “my dog ate my book, so I can’t study” and we do everything to make it come true. Everything.

6. “I’m going to study 10 pages and then take a 5-minute break.”

We even negotiate with ourselves. We promise to study for one hour and then take a 5-minute break, but then we get confused and switch it up to studying for 5 minutes and taking a 1-hour break.  Did anyone say Game of Thrones marathon? Jon Snow won’t be the only one knowing nothing.

7. “Just 5 more minutes!”

We even negotiate sleep. Here we can clearly see why so many of us are failing math… When those 5 minutes turn into an hour we just think to ourselves: “today I will study hard to make up for that waste of time”. If only.

8. “Everything is under control.”

Then we reach the stage of acceptance: “everything is under control”. We have this thought on two occasions: when we want our parents to let us go out, and when the exam day is approaching and we’re nearly out of faith.

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9. “This semester, I’ll go to the gym.”

We all have that summer plan. We are going to hit the gym every day and by next summer we’ll be showing our bodies off at the beach like nobody’s business. We even go buy sneakers and fashionable workout clothes! But who are we trying to trick? We don’t have time to go to the gym, we have to study!

10. “Almost the whole class failed, not just me!”

Incredibly, when the grades are published, we always tell our parents the same mythical phrase: almost the whole class failed though, it wasn’t just me!”


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