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10 Apps to Download Before your Next Trip

10 Apps to Download Before your Next Trip

There are no doubts that the internet and the apps made our lives (and our trips) much easier!  To help you on your next adventure elsewhere, we’ve prepared a list of 10 apps to use while you’re planning or during your trip! So, while you have Wi-Fi available, download them all and enjoy your holidays!

Useful apps while planning your trips

1. Skyscanner

When planning a trip, Skyscanner comes in handy to compare fares from many different air companies. If you have some flexibility on the dates of the trip, it’s even better: you get to see the lowest estimate price on each day and choose the very best option for your budget!

With this app you can filter and look for flights all over the world

2. Omio (formerly Go Euro)

Omio is a great platform to compare several options of flights, trains and buses from one city to another in Europe, considering prices, timetable and extension of the trip. With this app you will  certainly find the transport that better suits your needs!

Bus, train or plane? Omio is an app that you should definitely check out when planning a trip around Europe

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3. Trivago

Of course we always want the best deal when booking accommodation, right? Trivago is here to help us compare prices of hotels in different platforms and pay less for the exact same room and service! Isn’t that great?

Hotel? Trivago.

4. Trip Advisor

TripAdvisor is a great app to check reviews from other travellers about hotels, restaurants, tours and so on! This way you won’t be taken by surprise when you arrive at your accommodation, choose the first restaurant you find or hire a tour on the city!

A must have app for the foodie travellers.

5. Get your guide

This app is very helpful to check the tours available on the city you’re going to, compare the several options available and book them in advance, so you can save time on queues (and sometimes also money).

Are you a museum and galleries person? This is the app for you.

6. AccuWeather

Before packing, it’s better to check the weather forecast, to be sure to take the appropriate clothes for your holidays! It’s also very useful during the trip, to confirm your outfit will be ok for the day before leaving your accommodation.

This app will tell you if you’ll need a coat or a swimming suit!

Helpful apps during your trips

7. Google Maps

Mobile maps made our trips much more practical, and the best part is that we don’t even need to be connected to the internet anymore! Google maps offers the option to download the map of your destination, so you can use it offline later. No excuses to get lost and stressed!

With this app you’ll never get lost

9. CityMapper

Are you one of those people that like to cycle around? Citymapper is an app that integrates all of the forms of transportation. From walking, bicycle or driving, with special attention to public transport and bikes. It’s relatively new, so they still don’t have a lot of cities in their catalogue.

See Also

9. Uber, Cabify, MyTaxi, Taxify

All these apps are very similar, but the prices may vary between them, according to the area or time. So, if you want to save some money, the best option is having all of them on your smartphone, so you can compare the estimated fare for each trip before asking for your ride.

10. Flickr

Flickr is very useful during and after your trip, to store your pictures in high quality. You can set it to upload all your new pictures automatically when you’re connected to the Wi-Fi, so you’ll have no risks of losing them in case of any problem. Then, you can organise your pics in albums and either keep them private, share with specific people or with the general public.

Save app all your pictures!

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We hope you got to know some apps that you didn’t know about and also that you enjoy your next trip.

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