The best spots to enjoy Summer in Lisbon

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It’s no secret that Lisbon is surrounded with a wide choice of amazing beaches, but it’s not always necessary to drive out of town to relax in the sun. If you don’t have a car or enough time to head to the beach, you might as well enjoy chilling in one of the various rooftop and terrace bars that Lisbon has to offer. As long summer days are coming, we want to make sure you know the best summer spots to get tanned while sipping on a cocktail during your lunch break, after work or on a lazy day. Here is a compilation of the best summer spots inside Lisbon for any occasion, budget, atmosphere, and style.

1. Ribeira das Naus

summer in lisbon ribeira das naus

Close to Cais do Sodré train station and Praça do Comercio, Ribeira das Naus is considered as « the beach of downtown Lisbon ». This long esplanade faces the Tejo river and provides a nice view of the 25 de Abril bridge. There, you can lay down in the sun with a refreshing drink from the Quiosque da Ribeira das Naus, while chilling on one of the few long chairs.

Ribeira das Naus

2. Park

summer in lisbon park

Park’s rooftop is already an institution for Lisboetas, but we just couldn’t avoid mentioning it on this list. This trendy bar is hidden at the top of a parking lot and is absolutely perfect for a sunset session. Its great view, comfy chairs, tasteful style and quality cocktails explain the success of this spot. The drinks are not cheap, but their 2L delicious homemade Sangria is worth it.


3. Portas do Sol

summer in lisbon portas do sol

In the heart of Alfama, the old emblematic district of the Lisbon, Portas do Sol is considered by many as Lisbon’s most beautiful esplanade. This spacious café/restaurant has big sofas and umbrellas which make it ideal for sunbathing while drinking a smoothie.

Portas do Sol

4. Meninos do Rio

summer in lisbon_meninos do rio

Between Cais do Sodré and Santos, perfectly located on the Tejo waterfront, Meninos do Rio is as « beach club » as it can get. The place is well known for its summer parties at night, but it is also a great day spot to catch some sun and sip a mojito while admiring the River.

Meninos do Rio

5. Linha d’Agua

summer in lisbon linha dagua

Linha d’Agua’s terrace is a hidden treasure located in Parque Eduardo VII, close to Marques de Pombal. Although it is in the heart of the city, this café/restaurant is the right place to run away from the urban chaos, as it is surprisingly very quiet. There, you can have a light lunch, natural juices and refresh yourself as the shade and the fountain keeps the spot cool.

Linha d’Agua

6. Hotel HF Fénix Music

summer in lisbon_hotel fenix

Located in Marques de Pombal, this new fancy hotel has a great rooftop bar with a swimming pool and a panoramic view over the city. The hotel is super trendy and, as you can guess from its name, offers a musical atmosphere that gives the lounge-terrace a très chic style.

Hotel HF Fénix Music

7. Lost In – Esplanada Bar

summer in lisbon_lost in

This colourful bar/restaurant close to Bairro Alto is worth a try both for its view over Lisbon and for its pretty Indian-inspired decoration. The outside part of the café has various sofas and umbrellas which make it the perfect place to drink a refreshing soda in the shade on a hot summer day. Although the food is a bit overpriced, Lost In’s menu proposes a wide choice of original snacks and drinks.

Lost In

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ps: none of the spots’ photographs are ours. They were pulled from the websites:
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This post is also available in: Spanish Italian German French

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