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Erasmus emails that count

Erasmus emails that count

While studying abroad or travelling the world, keeping in close contact with those in our lives is imperative. Adventures are had, stories are shared and, of course, embarrassing tales are talked about for months and even, years to come! This was the case for the founders of Memeoirs.

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Giacomo, Fred and Paulo shared an Erasmus experience together back in 2004/2005 that would change their lives forever. This change applies to both their personal lives as they built life-long friendships, but also their professional futures as the email exchanges during and after that time were the inspiration for their now growing and innovative start-up, Memeoirs. Memeoirs is a platform that allows users to turn online conversations from Email, Facebook or WhatsApp into books. It’s no surprise that Email was the first medium to work with the platform seen as it was so huge at the time the company was thought up. That period was also before Facebook and WhatsApp were on the scene so, their integration came later. The concept emerged as the founders had tonnes of emails they wanted to turn into a book and thought “You know what? This is a tool that would be valued by people the world over. Let’s build A MACHINE.”


Since those days, 100s of people in over 40 countries, many of whom were on Erasmus and various stays abroad, have made books of their online conversations. Their chats with partners, family, friends and even work colleagues are now preserved in both printed and digital books (emojis included). As the Memeoirs team has grown, so have the chats and topics of conversation. This led to the team starting their own WhatsApp group last year. With a base in Italy and team members scattered across three different countries (some of whom attend work events all over the world), they are super passionate about effective daily communication. This virtual group has become an integral part of the company development. When the CEO is in New York on business, he sends a WhatsApp to say “hi” and when there’s a team lunch in Trento, a snap of everyone together is pinged to the remainder who can’t be there. Nobody feels left out and communication is never an issue.


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It was inevitable that the team group would be turned into a Memeoirs sooner or later. In May of this year, the book became a Coffee Table Memeoirs full of emojis, chats and cool photos. And now? The team have created a sister WhatsApp group so that each of them can share local foods from their respective countries. Cuisine from Italy, Portugal and Ireland can be viewed when their book goes live on their blog in the coming months. MMLisboa-UniplacesPostPicture5-656x437px-12June2015

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