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Bye-bye 2019…

What a great year this was for Uniplaces!

As 2019 comes to an end we find ourselves looking back to everything that happened this year.

We really invested on improving the landlord experience and our product team released several features with the intention to help you manage your account and your listings and help you maximize the return of your properties.

Below you can find the ones we believe made the biggest difference. What 2019 brought to you:

Calendar Updates

Now you can update the availability of your listings without having to edit one by one. Follow these steps:

  • Access your dashboard, click on “Listings” and scroll down to the listing you wish to edit;
  • If the “Available from” date is correct simply click on “Confirm availability” in the bottom right;
  • If you want to update the “Available from” date then click on the pencil icon and select the dates in the calendar.

Remember: Updating your availability calendar makes your listing go up on our search results! Increase its visibility and get your place booked!

Book a Photo Session

1 bedroom #apartment (Ref. 345601) in London, close to Covent Garden.

Did you know that listings with professional photos get 3 times more requests?

As we are aware of the importance of good quality photos we partenered up with Lemone, a professional photography company, and included this service in the “Uniplaces Guarantee”.

You can book a photo session for any of your properties directly through your dashboard, by following these steps:

  • Select “Listings” and then the listing you wish;
  • Click on “Get Uniplaces Guarantee” and follow the given steps.

Also, the “Uniplaces Guarantee” provides you with additional advantages. Read more here.

Listings Insights

You can now see how many times your listing was viewed and clicked on by users on the Uniplaces website. This feature allows you to be better informed about the performance of your listings and take any actions if necessary.

Here are a few examples:
• Is your listing getting a lot of views but not enough clicks? Maybe you need to change the rent price, or confirm that your listing has all the necessary details.
• Is your listing not getting enough views? Double check if you have recently updated the listing and its calendar. Also, confirm if your photos are good quality ones and if your title and description are appealing.

Instant Booking

Accept booking requests automatically with “Instant Booking”. This means that guests, only the ones which meet your previously set requirements, can book your listing automatically without you having to go through the hassle of replying to booking requests!


  1. Select “Listings”, and then click “Edit” for the chosen listing;
  2. Select “Rental Conditions” and chose “Yes” in the “Instant Booking” option;
  3. In the “Booking Gaps” you can set the maximum number of days between the date your room or apartment is available and the tenant’s move-in date;
  4. Click “Save”.

Your listings with “Instant Booking” enabled will be highlighted on the search results.

Suggest other listings

When you receive a booking request for a listing you can suggest a different one from your portfolio to the tenant instead of rejecting the request!

If, for example, your bedroom/property is already booked or undergoing renovations and you receive a booking request for it you can simply select “Suggest Listing”. Once you do this, you will see the list of your bedroom/properties which match the tenants criteria and you just have to select one of these. Then you just have to wait for the tenants’ response!


You can confirm all your ratings directly from your dashboard.

See Also

Tenants can also now filter their search for listings with reviews, excluding from their results listings without any reviews.

As tenants cannot visit the properties before renting it, the reviews are crucial for them to make a decision. For this reason, we encourage you to ask your tenants to write reviews for your listings. This will make them stand out on our search!

Filters on Search

Our new search filters allow tenants to filter their search with only the listings from the best landlords.

They can choose:

  • Landlords that respond to requests within 12 hours;
  • Landlords with high acceptance rates;
  • Landlords with previous bookings on Uniplaces and without any valid complaints, Trusted Landlords.

These features are intended to improve the tenants overall experience on our website, but also to reward the best landlords with these highlights!


Going forward into 2020, we look forward to continuing improving your experience and helping you make the most out of your properties!

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