10 best places to study in Rotterdam - awesome cafés, libraries and more

Melissa de Jonge

Rotterdam is a great place to go out for dinner, go shopping, meet new friends, do some sightseeing, and to party, when you consider studying in Rotterdam you should not forget about, well… the part that you actually need to study. On the Woudestein campus of Erasmus University there is a great library that many students pick as their favourite spot to study, but there are many more great places in Rotterdam that you should really consider when looking for the perfect study-spot! Here’s my list of the 10 best places to study in Rotterdam:

1. Library Erasmus MC

best places to study in rotterdam

Not everyone knows that apart from the Woudestein campus, Erasmus University has their medical faculty located at the other side of the city. Erasmus MC has its very own library and is open from 08.00h until 22.00h. It is much more quiet here than it is at the main campus of the university and there are still plenty of food stalls around to get your brain-food when taking a break.

Facilities: Free wifi; food and beverages around the corner (e.g. AH to go)
Address: ‘s-Gravendijkwal 230
Public transport: Metro to Dijkzigt

2. Nationale Nederlanden Douwe Egberts Café

best places to study in rotterdam 2

Really close to Rotterdam Central Station you can find the Douwe Egberts Café in the building of Nationale Nederlanden. During the week they are open from 07.00h until 19.00h. Not only is it possible to enjoy a coffee here, they also have great pies and sandwiches. What I find the best part about this café is that there is a separate room made of glass in the café which you can reserve through their website. This is ideal to meet up with teammates to work on projects. You can easily reserve a spot on the Douwe Egberts Facebook page.

Facilities: Free wifi; food and beverages; free separate meeting room
Address: Stationsplein 25
Public transport: Train/Metro/Tram to Rotterdam Centraal

3. Kennis + Koffie

best places to study in rotterdam 8

While looking for a café especially designed to study, I came across this gem. Kennis + Koffie literally translated means Knowledge + Coffee, which are exactly the two things this place is about. Coffee you can get from Caffé Belmondo (which is the café you need to enter to get to the silence area of Kennis + Koffie next door). The silence area is designed for about 20 people. One disadvantage of this place is that with place for only 20 people, it fills up quickly. Opening hours on weekdays are from 07.00h until 19.00h.

Facilities: Free wifi; food and beverages; chance to meet like-minded people in an informal environment
Address: Goudsesingel 56, entry via Goudsesingel 52
Public transport: Train to Blaak/Metro to Oostplein/Tram 7 to Goudsesingel or tram 21 to Burgemeester van Walsumweg

4. Kralingse Plas

best places to study in rotterdam 3

In winter it might be too cold to go outside to study, but when the sun comes out again the Kralingse Bos might be just the perfect place to study. Get your towel and sunscreen out and enjoy the sun on either the grass, the beach, on a bench, or go to one of the restaurants around the Kralingse Plas. Restaurant de Schone Lei for instance has free wifi (its the impressive red building) and is open from 12.00h onwards.

Facilities: Several restaurants, some of them offer free wifi
Address: Restaurant de Schone Lei is located at Plaszoom 500
Public transport: Bus to Jacob van Campenplein + 15 minute walk/Metro to Voorschoterlaan + 20 minute walk along the lake

5. Coffee Company

best places to study in rotterdam 4

Great coffee, great studying. Do I need to say more? Coffee Company has two different locations in Rotterdam: one at Eendrachtsplein, and one at the street the Meent, both of them used by local students to study in groups.

Facilities: Free wifi; food and beverages
Address: Eendrachtsplein 2 // Meent 12-14
Public transport: Metro to Eendrachtsplein // Tram 7 to Meent

6. Bagels & Beans

quiet best places to study in rotterdam 5

This friendly café is great for studying –if the wifi works properly. If not, you can just enjoy a bagel while reading an article or thinking about your next big paper. There are three Bagels & Beans cafés in Rotterdam. One of them is located next to the central library of Rotterdam on Blaak! Check the Bagels & Beans website to see the other two locations.

Facilities: Free wifi; bagels and fresh juices
Address: Hoogstraat 129B
Public transport: Metro to Blaak

7. The Student Hotel

best places to study in rotterdam 9

When looking for a place to stay in Rotterdam, you must have come across the Student Hotel. Although it is a bit pricy and the rooms are rather small, it does have some great facilities and offers you study spaces and free wifi! There is also a restaurant where you can get food and drinks and there are several restaurants and supermarkets close by.

Facilities: Free wifi; food and beverages
Address: Willem Ruyslaan 223
Public transport: Tram 21 or 24 to Willem Ruyslaan

8. Hopper Coffee

best places to study in rotterdam 11

Located at Schiedamse Vest you can find Hopper Coffee: a place that is perfect for breakfast, lunch, brunch, a coffee, and… studying! There is a quiet area upstairs from where you can look at the café below, which serves for some great study sessions. Hopper Coffee gives an industrial, spacious feeling with its high ceilings and simple tables.

Facilities: Free wifi; homemade food; beverages
Address: Schiedamse Vest 146
Public transport: Metro to Beurs

9. STROOP Rotterdam

best places to study in rotterdam 7

One of the best things about the following café is that you can try one of Holland’s best treats… Stroopwafels! STROOP Rotterdam has a variety of stroopwafel flavours, which even I –a true Dutchie- had never tried. Depending on your studies, this café might give you the creativity boost you need to finish writing your paper, coming up with the next-big-thing or deciding on what to write your thesis on. If it is not the environment that will get you started, certainly the people dropping in will be. Thus, if you ever find yourself in Rotterdam West in need of a place to study, certainly check this place out.

Facilities: Free wifi; stroopwafels and soup; beverages
Address: Mathenesserweg 21B
Public transport: Tram 21 or 24 to Mathenesserbrug

10. Your home

best places to study in rotterdam 10

Last but not least, it is important to find a nice apartment in Rotterdam where you do not feel the need to flee after you have woken up. You really do not need to visit every single one of the places mentioned on this list in order to study well and you certainly do not need to spend every free minute in the university library. Enjoy a day on the couch of your very own apartment in Rotterdam where you have wifi, food and drinks only a few steps away. No queuing, no wallet, no make-up or fancy clothes needed. As it turns out this is a pretty great recipe for studying as well.

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