How Important Are Grades in University?

Emil Arleroth

Going to university is much like a Super Mario game. Starting to play is easy, but suddenly the level of difficulty increases and you have a lot more responsibility in your hands. How will you manage your time? What should you focus on and how do you cope with the studying? But most of all, how important are grades at university?

Some people say that the hardest part of university is getting in, so why bother trying to achieve your best if you’re already where you want to be? Let us give you a few motivational reasons on why you should give your best at school and shoot for the high grades.

1. Validate your excellence

One of the most obvious reasons for achieving good grades is simply to have written and validated proof of your excellence, especially in cases where you would like to continue your studies further after your Bachelor or Master’s — your grades will be key to a new programme or university.

2. Nail your dream job

Your grades may, in some cases, also help you get the job you want, especially when it comes to professions where there is high competition among applicants, or when the job itself requires top grades for you to be suitable for it. If you want to work at a famous company — or in outer space — you need the grades to prove you’re worth the job.

3. Become a better version of yourself


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Apart from the grades being proof of your achievements, it may also work as a tool for your own professional and personal development. Your grades can be a perfect way for you to set goals and standards of what you would like to get out of each course at university. Become the greatest version of yourself and shoot for the stars!

4. Measure your success

Grades work as measurements; they teach you how to achieve goals, to deliver things on time, and to be successful in your work. Rather than becoming the greatest at a certain subject, your grades also indicate professional discipline.

5. Make the most out of your university experience

Finally, and maybe most importantly, remember that you’re one of the few lucky ones on this earth with the privilege of attending a university and being part of a global academic community. Take that opportunity and make the most of it. Own it and own up to your privilege, and be grateful of what you have and the endless possibilities it can give you as you pass your grades or excel in your favourite subjects.

What about the bad grades?


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Despite all your efforts, sometimes you may not always get what you want. It’s important that you understand that bad grades don’t mean the end of your career or life goals. No, your grades should be a tool of measurement and feedback to yourself and your professors.

If grades solely turn into a currency for buying your way in to the job you want, you’ve got it wrong. It’s not all about the grades; they’re only one factor that may help you land a suitable job, but there are many more ways to go from school out into the job world.

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