Paris, je t'aime

Léa Marie

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My Dear Paris,

In the last few days, your name has constantly been associated with horrifying images and nightmarish stories, and I don’t want to let any tragic event tarnish your beauty. Paris, we didn’t forget what you really are and we don’t want you to change. This is why we would like to remind ourselves about the things we adore about you:

The smell of your warm croissants, pains au chocolat and other viennoiseries in the early morning, while passing near your numerous boulangeries.

Paris, je t'aime: The croissants

The chaotic noise of the clinking coffee mugs brought by rushing waiters in your innumerable cafés and bistrots.

Paris, je t'aime: Cafes

Your classy and sophisticated women, the iconic parisiennes, who are masters in the art of dressing simply but chic.

Paris, je t'aime: Chic Parisiennes

The view of the sparkling Eiffel Tower at night, from far away, through an apartment window.

Paris, je t'aime: Eiffel Tower

The multiple faces you adopt through your different arrondissements, as a chameleon city. A few steps only separate your chic areas from your boho districts, your touristic crowded streets from your quiet residential alleys, or your fancy pompous zones from modest multi-ethnical neighbourhoods.

Paris, je t'aime: Multi-cultural banlieues

Your delicious crêpes au Nutella.

Paris, je t'aime: Crêpes au Nutella

The sound of the – often played out of tune – accordions in your metro.

Paris, je t'aime: Metro Music

The way Parisians are always in a rush, even when they are not.

Paris, je t'aime: Everyone in a rush

And how they feel guilt-free about eating meals solely composed of cheese, baguette and wine. (But they still manage to look skinny).

Paris, je t'aime: Cheese is a meal

Your macarons. (No further description needed).

Paris, je t'aime: Macarons

The little streets of your trendiest district, Le Marais.

Paris, je t'aime: Le Marais

The unmatched elegance of your Haussmanian buildings.

Paris, je t'aime: Haussmanian buildings

The fact that it’s rare to take your over-crowded metro without falling in love with the mysterious passenger in front of us (who, of course, gets off at the next station) leaving us fictively broken-hearted…

Paris, je t'aime: Metro Love

And by the way, your incredibly romantic atmosphere.

Paris, je t'aime: All the romance

The fact that sitting at a café’s terrace while smoking and commenting on people passing by is most Parisians’ favourite activity.

Paris, je t'aime: Sitting in the cafe

And last but not least: The Parisians themselves.
Despite being frequently criticised, Les Parisiens have a unique way of being rebels, of being fearless, of being FREE.

Paris, je t'aime: Fearless


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As a Parisian, and one of our most active contributors, Léa wanted to share with all of our followers her feelings after the recent attacks on her hometown. Uniplaces stands with Léa, Paris, and the world.

This post is also available in: German

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