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5 Things You Will Miss About Oxford When You Leave

5 Things You Will Miss About Oxford When You Leave

Oxford University

After having spent a few years studying in Oxford, you will have grown attached to the city’s landmarks and will feel that it is a vital part of you. However, all good things must come to an end, and once you graduate, chances are you will have to move away from Oxford.

Here are five things you will miss about Oxford.

1. The colleges

The iconic colleges of the Oxford University are what gives the city its charm. Whether you studied at Oxford University or at Oxford Brookes, over the course of your studies you will have taken these for granted, and only after you have left will you realise how much they were part of your student experience. Plus, you won’t get to see the spots where some Harry Potter shots were filmed half as often as you used to – and that’s a shame.

Christ Church College

2. Debates at the Oxford Union

The Oxford Union’s debating society is the most prestigious one in the world, boasting an envious list of famous guests ranging from political figures to Hollywood stars. There aren’t many other places in the world where you can participate in debates or attend talks with such reputable speakers, so leaving Oxford means walking away from this opportunity. If you didn’t go there often enough to miss it, then you should have done!

Oxford Union
by Flickr user PatrickS

3. Punting

Punting in the river Thames is a true Oxford tradition. As long as the sun is out, it’s always a great day for punting. Whether you spent your time on the boat appreciating the banks of the Thames, or just spend it drinking with your friends, the hypnotising trickle of the shallow wake left behind will be something you will forever remember, and bring back nostalgic memories of your days in the city.


4. The sunny afternoons in the parks

Oxford is a truly beautiful place when the sun comes out. Once you leave, you will miss losing yourself in Christ Church Meadow, strolling through the Oxford University Parks, or just relaxing in South Park, taking in the view over the city.

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Oxford University Parks

5. Wednesdays on Cowley Road

Finally.. as messy as they were, you will miss those Wednesday nights on Cowley Road. Stopping at Tesco’s after uni to buy dinner and drinks, followed by pre-drinks at someone’s house whilst warming up for the final stop at Fuzzy Ducks: these are part of every Oxford student’s life during their stay here. Not to mention all of the banter the sports clubs get up to after socials.

Cowley Road
by Flickr user SimonWhitaker

Lots of memories will have been made here in Oxford, and there are many other things you will undoubtedly miss, but one thing is certain: people will still give you the same awestruck look when you say “I studied in Oxford”.

Thanks for reading this post! We hope to see you soon, coming back for more.

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