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15 Things You’ll Miss About Manchester

15 Things You’ll Miss About Manchester

15 things you'll miss about Manchester

From the great music to the great people, these are the 15 things you’ll miss about Manchester after you study here:

1. That big city vibe

You'll miss in Manchester its big cityness

Manchester is huge, and you can feel it. Days, months, a whole year later, you’ll always feel like you haven’t explored Manchester properly. It’s such a great excuse to coming back for more!

2. All the quirkiness

You'll miss about Manchester quirkiness
By flickr user Pea.

Manchester is quirky, it really is. It’s big enough that a bar or a shop doesn’t have to be generic and cater to everyone and you’ll love that. There are some trully unique spots in the city which you know could exist in no other city in the world.

3. Massive Afflecks

You'll miss about Manchester Afflecks
By Flickr user Adam Simmons

About quirkiness. The massive Afflecks needs a mention all of its own. It was always there for any of your quirky needs.

4. The night life.

Manchester is nightlife
By Flickr user Keith Young

The incredible night life, of course. There’s just so many cool bars and crazy clubs. You’ll miss the nights in the Northern Quarter the most.

5. Everything about the Northern Quarter

Manchester is Northern Quarter
by Flickr user Tim Brockley

About that. The Northern Quarter is a really trendy and affordable area popular with lots of students. It is one of the coolest neighbourhoods in the world for students, it’s seriously exciting.

6. No downtime for party-goers

You'll miss about Manchester 24 hour parties
by Flickr user Pea.

One unique bit about the nightlife in Manchester is that you’re literally able to drink around the clock. This is great for three kinds of people: party-goers, alcoholics, and students.

7. The amazing (and cheap) music scene

You'll miss about Manchester the live music
Wolf Alice, Photographed by Flickr user Andy Von Pip

Everybody knows the Manchester is where some of Britain’s best music starts.  So many ground-breaking, history-making, hard-rocking bands from gods of indie Joy Division to the legendary Oasis. You’re going to miss walking into small bars and being blown away by awesome acts, or going to the big venues to see mega-concerts of the world’s top performing artists. That’s for sure.

8. pints under £4

You'll miss Manchester Cheap Pints

Needs no explanation.

9. Everything just being generally cheaper

You'll miss about Manchester cheapness
by Flickr user Marnanel

The rent in London is at least twice as expensive as that of Manchester. Even the utilities (heating, electricity, gas) are approximately 50% cheaper in Manchester. Not having to take a loan to go to the supermarket? That’s awesome.

10. The Curry Mile (of course)

You'll miss about Manchester in Curry Mile
by Flickr user David McKelvey

The curry mile: because having a whole mile of curry options is incredible. Basically, you’ll never have to go to the same restaurant twice.

11. People who talk to you

You'll miss Manchester locals
by Flickr user Smabs Sputzer

Mancunians are really friendly people. On the streets, on the bus, at the pub, and in shopping queues: people will talk to you.

12. Walkability

You'll miss about Manchester walkability

Manchester is a huge city but you can still practically walk everywhere! That’s something you don’t get in most metropolis of the world.

13. Getting lost in the supermarket

Manchester is awesome supermarkets
by Flickr user Oblivious Dude

So maybe you won’t really feel this if you move to London or whatever, but for those of us who leave for South East Asia, South America, even many countries in Europe: the struggle is real. And we know it. Manchester has awesome supermarkets.

14. Really, really having room to be yourself

You'll miss about manchester being yourself

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Gay or straight, goth or punk or emo or indie, stay-at-homer or party-goer, record-buyer or coffee lover: Manchester has room for everybody. There are restaurants, bars, shops and all for all kinds of people.

15. Your friends

You'll miss your friends in Manchester
Photo by Flickr user Jesse Vaughan

Because at the end of the day, what’s really, really awesome about studying in Manchester is all the awesome people that come here too. The friends you make for these 3 years – your squad – and the adventures you live: that’s the very best of Manchester.


“The friends you make for these 3 years – your squad – and the adventures you live: that’s the very best of Manchester.”


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