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You Will Love Studying in London… and this is why

You Will Love Studying in London… and this is why

Student accommodation in Oxford Circus is pricey and hard to find

It has a fast-paced lifestyle, incredible networking opportunities, an endless choice of courses, top quality universities, and is probably the most cosmopolitan city in the world. Students in London, whether they’re here for the full University course or just on a semester for Erasmus, have more advantages than they can count with all their fingers and all their toes.  Of course you will love studying in London – why wouldn’t you?

Students in London know Big Ben by night
Sights like the Big Ben bring tourists to London, but students come to the city for many other reasons

First things first: if you want to study here, you have to choose a course and a university. This is never a problem: there are 45 different universities in London offering a total of 30,000 courses. Of the 45, you have University College of London (UCL), Imperial College, King’s College, and London School of Economics (LSE), which are considered some of the best universities in the world.

After that, you’ll want to sort out your student accommodation: find something close to your chosen campus, in your favourite neighbourhood or with good transportation links. You know who to turn to for any of these things, of course – we don’t even have to shamelessly self-promote as the best engine to look up accommodation options according to any of these criteria.

(For more information, check our breakdown of the best areas of London for student accommodation and know the average rental costs of different London neighbourhoods).

Then you arrive in London. That’s the moment you realise that this is the centre of the world. Sure New York has the UN and Wall Street, but London was already a great metropolis when Manhattan was still Lenape territory. Paris and Milan may fight for who’s the most fashionable, and Asia’s booming cities are growing incredibly quickly – but London is the Queen Mother of cities and this is why:

Let’s talk culture

As Diana wrote last week, the art scene here is some of the world’ best (click here for the galleries and museums of London round-up). You’ve got first-class actors doing plays and musicals all the time. Probably the best stand-up comedy scene in the world. The British Library is the 2nd greatest library on Earth. It’s also where all the greatest musicians of the moment come to play and where most of those little bands start out that will become the next big thing.

Then there’s business

The City of London is Europe’s Wall Street, a leading financial capital with 512 banks. Nearly all multinationals have headquarters here. They host events which are open to the students of London so this is the place to come work on your networking skills. Knowing the right people and having that power to connect easily will really work in your favour when you graduate.

You’ve got the nightlife

From indie bars, underground warehouse parties, to exclusive members-only clubs and ranging over all kinds of music. When the sun goes down, whatever your cup of tea is, London serves it.

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Students in London must see Camden Lock but not for accommodation
Camden Lock is one of many places in London that really comes alive at night

Everybody else is coming to London

There are international students in London from every single country in the world, from over 200 different nations. Studying in London costs are high – but you get so much more out of it than you pay for. And there are always ways to make the most of studying in London on a budget.

In short? Our top tip of the day? Come try out London life. You won’t regret it.

(Photo credits: A special thank you to the talented Luísa Dias of InMotion for giving us these pictures - it's the 3rd post she has illustrated for us, after Studying in Lisbon and Staying Safe.)

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