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Westminster Neighbourhood Guide – Where To Live in London

Westminster Neighbourhood Guide – Where To Live in London

Westminster neighbourhood guide

Westminster is the political neighbourhood of London. This is where you’ll find the houses of parliament, the Big Ben’s tower, many government buildings and embassies – even Buckingham Palace isn’t very far off. Living in Westminster is not something many students can boast of!

Living in Westminster London
Can you imagine living in a room with a view like that?

Westminster: a rather posh neighbourhood

This is possibly London’s most suit-and-tie neighbourhood. Early in the day, you’ll see plenty of ministers, members of parliament and their many aides and helpers walk around. The only students you’ll see then are the Politics students interning at parliament.

Westminster Neighbourhood Where to live in London
Red phone box, Big Ben, Double Decker – could this picture be any more Londony?

Wide and leafy Westminster

Westminster is also a particularly leafy neighbourhood. There are several memorial gardens and wide parks to enjoy. That ample green space, whether you are looking for a place to jog or just to sit and read, is one of the things that make Westminster so special. All the streets are very wide – you never know when the ministers need to schedule a parade. It doesn’t just make the neighbourhood more pleasant, it also allows you to cycle comfortably around here.

Getting around Westminster

The Westminster tube is awesome: it has stops Circle, District, and Jubillee lines running through it. This means you can get anywhere North of the Thames really easily and even most plaes along the south bank. These are ridiculously good connections. There are also quite a few buses running in Westminster, many of which are 24h.

Westminster Neighbourhood Where to live in London
You’ll see plenty of large government buildings in the neighbourhood.

Fact sheet: Westminster

One place to eat: Regency Café. A really typical, really British café. It’s also cheap, which is really uncommon in this neighbourhood.
Address: 17-19 Regency St

One place to drink: The cheapest pints in London are found INSIDE parliament but access is hard to get. Failing that, the Silvercross Pub is a perfectly decent pub in Whitehall with perfectly decent London prices.

One thing to see: No way could we pick one thing. It’s Westminster. Just follow the tourists, they know the way.
Address: Everywhere.

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One thing to do: Enjoy St James Park on a sunny day.

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