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I lived in a students halls of residence – and I loved it

I lived in a students halls of residence – and I loved it

The green lawns of the student residence at University

Needler Hall was the cheapest of all the halls of residence in Hull. It used to be a Victorian asylum: you can imagine the number of ghost stories connected to it. It wasn’t a pretty building and the rooms were small. We had weekly fire-drills at eight in the morning. I still loved it. This is why:

Halls of residence are ridiculously convenient

Your first year at University? You’re here to meet as many people as you can, have fun, live wildly. You have the rest of your life to worry about buying toilet rolls and paying bills. Not even the University itself wants you to bother with small things like studying -that’s why your first year doesn’t count towards the average, isn’t it?

Halls of residence meals

It wasn’t good, but it was food. Like every other student, I always spent my student loan on the week it came in. Dinner at the end of the day can be a real-life saver when you’re tight on cash.

The legendary halls of residence prank wars

Everything you can imagine counts as fair game for a prank. And some things you wouldn’t imagine. They are never pretty and they have a way of escalating like some kind of Dragon Ball showdown but they are hilarious. I didn’t see the funny side of waking up with a trout under my arm at the time, but I see it now… well, I sort of do, anyway.

Hundreds of people living together in all the halls of residence

I was moving to a university where I didn’t know anybody. Sound familiar? Hundreds of freshers (- first year students) live in each hall of residence and they are just as new as you are. From football on the lawn and barbeques on sunny days, to that weekly pub crawl nobody organises but everybody joins – this is the best place to meet people and make friends.

& the dozen that matter

Out of those hundreds of people who live in a student residence, you’ll find your pack: that small group that sticks together stronger than a shot of absynthe. For the next 3 years, these are the people who will always be there for you. If you’re lucky, they’ll be there your whole life. Mine were all crazy enough to have been put in Needler if they had been born 200 years ago. I guess that’s why we got along so well.

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Word of advice? From somebody who’s been there, done that and told the guy selling the t-shirts to go take a long walk? Check out the residences close to your University. There’s one for all tastes and budgets, so find out the one that’s good for you. Go spend your first year there and you’ll find the hardest part is leaving.

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