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St Pancras neighbourhood guide – where to live in London

St Pancras neighbourhood guide – where to live in London

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The London neighbourhood St Pancras is where you’ll find the college of fashion’s Central St Martins campus (a part of the University of the Arts London) . It has been a traveller’s hub for centuries. Large hotels, busy roads and two of the largest and most important train stations in England were St Pancras’ main landmarks. These two train stations are all that most tourists see. But there is a lot just around the corner in this promising neighbourhood!

st pancras student accommodation
Black cabs can always be found coming or going around St Pancras in this busy London neighbourhood

St Pancras : a historical traveller’s neighbourhood

The St Pancras neighbourhood is above everything else a busy transport hub. Many Londoners, international students, and tourists only come here literally to catch a train. King’s Cross is the starting point for some of the most important train lines. St. Pancras International is the terminus for Eurostar, the famous high-speed train that shoots across the Canal and into France. Euston (easier to forget) is also in the neighbourhood!

St Pancras is a neighbourhood at the peak of its revival

The neighbourhood had a bad reputation for quite a long time. It was busy, loud, and at night time it wasn’t very safe. In the last two or three years, however, it has cleaned up its streets and invested in great, creative ways to reinvent itself. Bringing the Central Saint Martins College of Fashion was one way to bring fresh artistic blood into this and make it one of the new edgy areas in London. Some of London’s most promising young fashion designers now put on graduate shows here, which are really worth a watch.

St Pancras student art restaurant complext
One of the new, artsy restaurant complexes in St Pancras

Getting around St Pancras

This is literally one of the easiest neighbourhoods in London to get around. Everything is just a few metres away: you have three train stations leading around the country and even into Europe. There are plenty of metro stations: King’s Cross and Euston both have metro stations, and you can also catch the tube in Euston Square and Mornignton Crescent. Buses are plentiful and there are so many taxis around you literally only have to raise your hand to take a black cab.

St Pancras rental rates

Living in St Pancras isn’t cheap. It is Zone 1 London, after all. A room in a good residences in St Pancras is normally priced at over £1000 a month. Many shared apartments in St Pancras charge about £750 per month for every room. It’s not cheap, but it’s considerably cheaper than Bloomsbury, just a few blocks south, and the prices of many restaurants and shops are lower than in other neighbourhoods, so you’ve got some tradeoff there.

London St Pancras King's Cross station
The inside of the modernised King’s Cross railway in St Pancras neighbourhood

Fact sheet: St Pancras

One place to eat: the Caravan, in the artistic Granary Square. It’s a great place for light home cooked food and the coffee roasted in-house is perfect.  Address: 1 Granary Square

One place to drink: The Queen’s Head is our favourite neighbourhood pub around – unless the winter’s cold, in which case get a pint of real ale at King Chares and enjoy their roaring fire. Address: 66 Acton St

One place to study: The British Library of course, a real paradise for book lovers and students in London.  14 million books catalogued. One of the largest libraries in the world. Address: 96 Euston Road

See Also

One thing to see: The Graduate shows at Central Saint Martins College of Fashion – University of the Arts London. Some of the most daring and promising designers in England come from this great college.

One thing to do: If you’re living this close to the train stations, you might as well make the most of it and see a little more of England. Get up early in the morning and take the first train out of town one Saturday, come back late on Sunday.

Interested? Check out our neighbourhood page about St Pancras, with all the available student accommodation listed there!

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